Interview with Mr Mouse


Last week I had the pleasure of visiting obstacle course race legend, Mr Mouse. He launched the first Tough Guy over 25 years ago his events have grown massively in popularity. Check out this account of Tough Guy's history and what you can expect from the upcoming Nettle Warrior.

Apologies for the amateurish sound quality… I haven’t invested in an off-camera microphone yet!

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  1. I have a lot of respect for Mr. Mouse for his experience and for bringing OCR to the public’s attention. His race has a deservedly epic reputation. I have to take issue with one part of this interview though – the part where he says that Tough Guy is completely safe and that, if you injure yourself, you’d be a determined suicide person. This is simply not true – runners suffer many injuries each year including mass hypothermia, broken bones and dislocations. The course is dangerous – there is an element of danger in any type of physical activity but obstacle courses are by their nature more dangerous than most types of running race – and it is hugely misleading to say that Tough Guy is totally safe. People are asked to sign a death wavier before doing this run! If anyone is thinking of taking on Tough Guy, please train hard, get lots of obstacle and cold water experience and take it easy on course – I do agree with Mr. Mouse’s statement that the last thing anyone wants is for injuries to occur.

    • Very true! It was a bit of a contradictory statement really but I think it must have been something that just rolled off the tongue. I’m sure they’ve seen enough injuries at Tough Guy, but nothing life altering. Let’s hope it stays that way and that they always keep it as safe as they can!