Mudstacle League Champion

With very little footage floating around of Jonathan Albon's historic win at the Spartan World Championships last weekend, I thought I'd put together a highlights video of my own. Over the last year or so I've attempted to follow Jon around at many of the UK's most competitive obstacle races... in fact I've probably spent more time chasing him than anyone else... apart from his team mate and rival Ross MacDonald of course (sorry Ross - low blow 🙂 ). So, in the video below there's a montage of the master at work... as well as the moment when I introduced Joe DeSena to the UK's leading racer and our 2014 Winter Mudstacle League Champion.

Sorry World... maybe if I had published this video a week ago, his emphatic win at Spartan might not have come as such a shock 🙂

Update: I don't know how I managed to leave out the moment when Jon and Ross downed a pint of beer at Survival of the Fittest London... and still went on to finish first and second, of course. So here's that moment in full:

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  1. Incredible video. Well done Jon.

    Spartan should publish this on their website so there can be no doubt left who the man is.

  2. OK…now the Albonator is awesome but this video did one thing for me….make me absolutely petrified about the 4 laps of Nuts in the new year…what the hell have you talked me in to doing Pete?!?!?!?


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