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There’s the kind of mud that attempts to suck your shoes off when you step in it. There’s the kind of mud that makes you slide sideways – even if wearing the best shoes. There’s the kind of mud that deceives you – looks like no more than a few inches deep then when you step in you go down to your thighs. There’s also the kind of mud that’s so thick that it doesn't just slide off, but flies off in big chunks as you run. As you've probably guessed, Mud Monsters had it all!

This run was held at the same location as World War Run, which I had reviewed in July. Back then I commended the organisers for finding such fantastic mud in the middle of a rain-free Summer spell that had caused most other race locations to dry up entirely. Now we’ve had several weeks of rain, the full time 4x4 track was churned up even more and it gave us some of the best volume of mud that I’ve ever experienced.

Most races manage to find at least one area of muddy goodness. Some even give it a name and call it a major obstacle. At Mud Monsters we spent more of the race either in thick mud or murky rivers than on the grass, which is not to be underestimated. It takes a lot of energy to get through those foot sucking bogs - it really saps your strength.

There were a few small man made obstacles scattered around the course, such as ladder climbs, tyre crawls, log carries, etc, which was nice to break up the running, but in my eyes they weren't what this race was about. We were there for the brown stuff and they delivered that well!

If you're looking for a fun mud run and aren’t keen on the competitiveness of some races or the big intimidating obstacles of others, then races like Mud Monsters are exactly what you need. For an impressively low entry fee (under £30 with Mudstacle discount) you get a great muddy course, a few obstacles to tackle, a lovely race atmosphere and a really decent goody bag, T-shirt and medal.

Here’s my video showing some of the highlights of the course:

Find out more about Mud Monsters Run here:

Thanks to Southwest Military Fitness for the picture above - you should definitely check out their classes if you live anywhere between Poole and Plymouth.

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  1. This was a fantastic run that all the members of Southwest Military Fitness completed the course and it was voted by far the best mud mud mud run so fat. Thank you Mud monster for the invite to do the warm up and musdtacle for the mention in your write up.

    Petyer hardy MD Southwest Military Fitness


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