Salomon Fellraiser

I like simple things, it's one of the reasons I love running. You just put on your shoes and away you go. Even more so with trail running - there's no need for fancy roads, kerb stones, pavements or car dodging.

So when I was asked to test the Salomon Fellraiser shoes I was thrilled. Salomon have a great heritage in fell and trail running and some of my running heroes swear by their shoes.

Fellraiser testWhen I opened the box I was delighted to see that the had come in Mudstacle colours and matched my yellow vest perfectly. I couldn't wait to get out and go running in them, so I went for a cheeky trot around my local trails at lunch time. The first thing I noticed was the lacing system. A simple pull cord and friction lock system meant no more tying laces, which would certainly make taking them off to remove any stones a darn sight easier.

Next up was the substantial lugs - these babies were clearly built to dig into mud! Their aggressive appearance, 6mm drop and yellow colouring, certainly seems to put them in a very similar ballpark as the inov-8 Mudclaw 300s... although, dare I say it, they weighed in at 290g (10 grams less than the inov-8s)

I race tested the shoes at the Adidas Thunder Run, where I completed four 10km laps of trail running. The trainers were very comfortable and light on the feet, but the course was dry and wasn't really a good test of the grip, but they certainly passed the comfort test with flying colours.

The next race test was the Total Warrior weekend in the Lake District, where they would certainly be getting a hefty dose of mud, water, fire, hills and slick rain-soaked grass. I went out in the first wave on the Saturday, so the course was still pretty fresh and not too churned up but there was still plenty of mud to run through. The grip was perfect, with no fear of slipping. They remained comfortable and drained the water easily throughout the full 10km. I was going to swap trainers for the Sunday 10 mile race but I was so impressed I decided to put my damp trainers back on. By this point the course had been churned up by 12 hours of rain and 4000+ runners. The mud was deeper, thicker, and heavier, but the trainers gripped and never came loose.

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As I implied at the beginning of this article, I'm a simple man - I have two requirements for OCR trainers: grip and comfort. I'm very happy to say that Salomon Fellraisers are super grippy and very comfortable, so they are winners in my book and are the best trail and OCR shoes I have used to date.

Find out more about the Salomon Fellraiser here:

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Andy lives on the outskirts of the Peak District, which is the perfect place for indulging his trail running addiction. Other hobbies include unicycle hockey, juggling and competitive facial hair growing.


  1. I’ve got a pair of these! Love ’em. Put them through their paces on the Nuts Challenge! Did wonder about the lacing system but its fine and keeps the snug!

  2. They sound great, you briefly mentioned drainage, but how well do they drain compared to other trainers? My Salomon Speedcross 3 have awesome grip, but the insoles slip around a bit, and they don’t drain well at all.

  3. One of my insoles is slipping. Might be because I have put them in the washing machine a few times and the glue to hold them in place has gone. Still good for short runs. Mine have been through a fair bit and worn down quite a lot on the grip. But as they are my main running shoe I can forgive them that.

  4. Nice review Andy.
    I’ve been using Salomon Speedcross 3’s ever since I started OCR (they’re awesome) and haven’t had any insole slippage, mind you I’ve never put them in the washing either. A quick jet with the garden hose and a couple of days in the airing cupboard usually sorts them out.

    Does anyone know if the drainage on the Fellraisers is better than on the Speedcross 3’s? It’s about the only thing that could do with improvement.

  5. Which do you think make a better OCR shoe then Andy? These or the Mudclaw 200’s that you were testing?

    • X-Talon 200s would just edge the win, as they are more protected around the toe box, and the lugs aren’t directional which really helps when you need to change direction quickly and when it’s really off camber running.
      I now use my fellraisers for trail run training and save my 200s for races.

  6. I just got these Salomon Fellraisers after trying out loads of shoes in Up & Running
    These were the shoes I tried
    – Inov-8 x-talon 212: fab lightweight shoes, but having shrunk twice on me I wasn’t prepared to try them again
    – Asics gel-fujirunnegade: looked a seriously good shoe, unfortunately it didn’t quite fit my foot profile
    – Salomon Speedcross: heel was too big for me, felt a bit too bulky
    – Salomon Fellraiser: very comfortable, but suprisingly lightweight, realy snug around the sides of the foot, which should stop foot movement when wet (something I noticed in the Inov-8 x-talon 212 standard fit)

    I always thought that fell running Salomons looked really heavy and bulky, so I never considered them before. However, I read this review a few months ago, which made me try these on and I was impressed.


  7. Just completed 10km & 10miles Airfield Anarchy with these and I am very pleased with them. Felt light, grippy, no foot slipping within the shoe and easy to clean.
    Let’s hope they dry out without shrinking.