Best value and best natural terrain

It's day three of public voting for the 2014 Mudstacle Awards and we've got two more categories for you to vote for. Today our focus is on:

The “Best value” event, sponsored by Race Timing Solutions - This isn't necessarily about being the cheapest event, it's about delivering great value for the money that you spend.

The “Best natural terrain” award, sponsored by The Weather Network - Think about hills, trails and water.

Using your responses in the Obstacle Racers’ Survey we have put together a short-list of 10 events for each categories and you simply need to pick your favourites below. Your opinion will then be combined with the survey results and panel voting, before we reach our final decision and award the winners on 20th December.

How to vote

Thanks for taking part - the voting is now closed.

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  1. Is there any way to change your votes for this? It says mine have already been recorded for today’s poll but I definitely didn’t pick whatever is recorded as I’ve not even seen the options


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