Tough Guy Jon Albon

Last year Britain cemented itself at the forefront of the competitive obstacle racing world, when our national hero Jon Albon went to the US to win both the Spartan and OCR World Championships. However, some people would say that Jon's worldwide domination couldn't be complete until he finished first at the birthplace of civilian obstacle racing - Winter Tough Guy.

Every year thousands flock from all over the world to Wolverhampton, UK, to take part in this historic and unique event. Over the last couple of years German entrants have come out on top (most recently Charles Franzke in 2014), so this seemed like the perfect time to bring the Tough Guy trophy back to home soil, while proving that Jon Albon really is the best obstacle racer in the world. Many previous winners lined up alongside Jon this weekend, including Charles Franzke, James Appleton and Paul Jones, so there was a lot of pressure for him to perform, especially as he has been juggling a few injury niggles.

The battle amongst the ladies was set to be equally fierce, with the Mudstacle League champions Clare Miller and Lucy Martlew lining up alongside a strong field of German racers and Death Race winning Stefanie Bishop, who had travelled in from the US, as well as Beth Albon and Gemma Bloomfield.

The video below shows the action from the front pack. The field got a little separated, so we had to focus coverage on Jon Albon, but we caught a few of the others up towards the end of the film (it's worth watching all the way through to see James Appleton as he approaches the finish). To put the video in context, even though there was no ice, it was around 2 degrees on Sunday and there was a really strong wind which, when mixed with such a wet course, makes for a brutally cold race...

Tough Guy 2015 Results

1st Place Male - Jon Albon (UK)
2nd Place Male - Conor Hancock (UK)
3rd Place Male - James Appleton (UK)

1st Place Female - Clare Miller (UK)
2nd Place Female - Friederike Feil (Ger)
3rd Place Female - Beth Albon (UK)

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  1. He is going over obstacles that I didn’t even see on the course!

    It also looks a lot greener than I remember it to be!


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