Mudstacle Wave Dirty Weekend

12 Months ago Mudstacle colluded with the Dutch Mud Men to form an almighty alliance at this year's Rat Race Dirty Weekend, and last Saturday it all came together spectacularly. The sky was filled with smoke - banners were waved and 300 of us stormed the course united - smiling from ear to ear.

Within hours of completing the course we had already decided to do the same in 2016 and we would love for you to be a part of what is becoming an annual OCR pilgrimage.

We have now booked out the whole of wave two between Mudstacle, The Dutch Mud Men and British Military Fitness. As you're probably aware, the sooner you get out on course at Dirty Weekend the better, so wave two is a some prime real estate! Not only will you hit the course in the best wave with an awesome group of people but, as a Mudstacle Member, you'll get a 15% discount!

If you're logged in as a member, you'll see the link and discount code below. If you're not a member yet, just sign up here and then refresh this page and you should see it.

ACT FAST! Not only do we expect this wave to sell out shortly but the super early bird rates end on Friday 15th at midnight. Seriously you guys GET ON IT - you will not regret it.

If you're logged in as a member, instructions will appear here:

Still wondering about whether you should join us? Just watch this...


  1. Pete, Using discount code for Dirty Double receive this message: “You have gone over the maximum spend value for this promotion code” – can we only use code for Half/Full Mucker?

  2. The missus has let me stay the night before so I’m in! Thanks for setting this up, super psyched about it! Although feeling even more mugged than when I did Tough Mudder. £120 (including camping) after the discount. Ouch.

      • Hi Pete, I was hoping to wave waves, I’m booked in wave 7 at the moment and have emailed RR about moving to wave 2, they have come back asking me to confirm the wave details, not really sure if I have to pass on any other information

  3. Did my first DW 2015 and was so impressed by the event, and by the mental-ness (in a good way) of the Mudstacle crowd I have now paid up as a Mudstacle Member and signed up to Wave 2 of DW 2016 – Cannot wait. You guys are nuts 🙂


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