Warrior Run Immortals

We are very excited that the next Mudstacle Sprint Series event at Warrior Run in Brighton is only a couple of weeks away. Those that have visit Warrior Run recently will know that they have an excellent closely-packed collection of obstacles that is perfect for a short course event. For those who are less familiar, we headed along to the site last week to speak to the Race Director and get some preview footage. Check it out:

Sprint events are for everyone

It's important to note that sprint events are for everyone and not just the fastest "racers". You'll be surprised what you get out of even one lap of a 2km course of this kind. It's a totally different experience... and can be exhausting! The best things about these events is that you get to hang around with the rest of the community and watch all of action close up. As well as helping out and supporting your friends, you'll get to see how different people tackle different obstacles from beginners right through to the UK's best.

Only £30 for a day of racing

You can now register for only £30, which is amazing value for a day of obstacle racing! Just register here now with this code: IMMORT10

Visit warrior-run.co.uk/immortal-challenge

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