Sex and Obstacle racing

1) It’s fun to go solo, but it’s way better in a group.

2) If you finish first, it’s bad form not to help your partner over the line.

3) Dressing up as a superhero adds a little spice.


4) The filthier you get the better.

5) Some experiences are better than others but you never have a bad time.

6) Although taking part multiple times in a weekend is fun, it can leave you a little sore.


7) Some people like to observe.

8) When you explain what you’ve done to friends in the office, they give you a funny look.

9) It advisable to wear protection.


10) Your face.

11) Your first time is over before you know it.

12) You think everyone wants to do it with you, but some people take more convincing than others.


13) Men with beards think they’re the best at it but they end up with a face that smells for weeks.

14) Some prefer going hard and fast, others slow and steady.

15) You’re knackered immediately after the event, but by the next day you’re already thinking about your next time.

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  1. * If photos get taken, they will end up on the internet.
    * Rope burns are a common occupational hazard.
    * It hurts when the spear misses its target.
    * I usually have to pay for the opportunity.


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