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Dirty Weekend 2015 — Possible Mudstacle Wave???

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    Graeme Harrison

    I ran wave 6 this year and there was major congestion in places so wave 2 for me is a must,let the elite run off and we’d practical have a clear course

    Maybe worth looking into getting a mudstacle wave at as many league events as possible in the future


    Thomas Nash

    Yeah I think if we are all going to enter onto the same wave then we need to be on the first, 2 or third at the latest, this way we cater for all the different standards, obviously if some want to get on the 1st wave every time then that’s cool, but it would be awesome to have a good solid block of yellow in that starting pen, all together… flags… yellow smoke that we can set off on the start line…

    I just know that being on wave 11 was awful for congestion… 🙁 other than that, bloody loved the whole weekend…


    Gary Mckeaveney

    Early waves are definitely a good idea to avoid congestion, I was in wave 3 at dirty weekend and didn’t really have any trouble with congestion at all. I find wave 2/3 is usually quite nice as you don’t have any trouble with congestion but you still get the opportunity to interact with other runners which I like. Generally been in wave 1/2/3 for all my races this year and haven’t had any trouble at all regards congestion yet.


    Ashley Barron

    I’d be tempted for a big Mudstacle wave but its kinda craxy thinking about a 20 mile 200 obstacle event when i’ve not even done my first OCR yet.

    It would give me something to aim for though

    Any ideas what the price of entry would be?



    This is awesome guys, I’m all over it. I’ll speak to the organisers as soon as I can.

    I think wave two is the best idea. Mostly because not everyone is going to want to pay the extra tenner to get into wave one.

    I might ask if they can put an allocation aside in the wave to Mudstacle AND Dutch Mud Men. That would be awesome to run along side them. I’ll run that idea past Dirk now.


    Dave Yarwood

    I am up for the Mudstacle wave. This one is on my list of events for next year.


    Dirk Schrama

    Hey guys,

    here Dirk from Dutch Mud Men. Cool you liked and noticed our presence!

    We will be back next year with more Dutch Mud (Wo)men, flags and orange smoke. Would be really cool to run all together.

    And yes, we always start as a team, but usually we break up into smaller groups. Faster runners, slower runners and the guys who carry tyres and wear weightvest and stuff. As long as we are having the best time it’s all good.

    It would be really cool to run together next year. We will be back at the Nuts Challenge and some Spartan Races / Tough Mudders. If you have other really cool events that we shouldn’t miss, let us know! And don’t forget to cross the channel and visit some runs over here.

    See you next time!


    Thomas Nash

    Dirk! Awesome meeting you Saturday night!! You guys are mental 🙂

    Wow imagine that a Mudstacle/Mud Men Wave…?!!? 🙂

    Do it, Do it, Do it!!

    Give me a Hoo-Rah!!



    @dirkschrama it was kind of hard to overlook :). Where do you think the idea of a dedicated mudstacle wave came from? You guys were amazing. I’m not sure you’re supposed to be having that much fun 18 miles in…



    Great idea! I’m up for attempting the whole thing with a flag!


    Dale Falkner

    Count me in and I’m sure my two training partners would be up for it as well!! We were in wave 4 this year and never had any major issues with queuing at all.

    It was most definitely noticeable how many mudstacle runners there were and it was fantastic to see so many mudstacle members helping one and other out all over the course.

    If this goes ahead, who gets the short straw to carry the tyre around the course?!

    The Dutchman were absolutely nuts!!


    Jon Salmon

    If its bike tyre I might consider it!


    Adam Luck

    I’m game for a tyre….I may be slow but I am not lacking in strength nor the desire to keep on trucking!

    I may regret that!


    Steve Platt

    Count me in for a Mudstacle wave next year, with a vote for wave 2 over wave 1. Despite propping up the “slow trot” group I’m definitely looking forward to this next year…


    Andy Parry

    it’s a big fat yellow YES from me!
    We can paint the tyre bright yellow, happy to carry the tire too, we can carry it as a team so those that want to carry it for a while can do. This would help even out the pace too! make sure that wave2 has YELLOW wrist bands too.

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