It came as a massive disappointment yesterday to see a refund coming back for my entry into the UK's first Warrior Dash.

Warrior Dash is a pretty big deal in the States, with over 50 races, and there seems to be an enormous amount of mudsters who love their unique brand of 5km obstacle races. Following the recent highly successful expansion of Tough Mudder into the UK market, it's a real shame that Warrior Dash couldn't do the same.

A post on their Facebook page states the following:

"To those wondering about the recent cancellations of London and Northern England Warrior Dashes:

Due to several logistical issues, we unfortunately are unable to bring these events to the UK at this time. If you did not receive an email from us over the weekend, please make sure to check the email account with which you registered as well as your spam folder. Either way, we want to be very clear: within 10-14 business days you will be receiving a full and automated refund to the credit card you used at time of registration. In the meantime, you are welcome to call us with questions at: 20-3051-6667 or email us at"

I'm not sure what the "Logistical issues" have been, but I suspect that if they'd have invested anywhere near the amount that Tough Mudder had into their marketing, their would have been enough people signed up to the event to either banish or overcome them.

Whatever happened there are certainly a few unhappy campers out there. It something that a lot of people have been working towards and have been arranging sponsorship for. But, on the plus side, there are plenty more other events to transfer to. The London Spartan Sprint, for example, is actually in the same place as Warrior Dash was planned and should be just as much fun.

The market has clearly been flooded in the UK this year, just check out our UK events page to see just a selection of mud and obstacle races. So it really is no surprise that somebody has had to cancel.

We're yet to see how this has affected some of the UK classics, like Tough Guy Nettle Warrior. Their marketing and communications aren't comparable to some of the big boys that have entered the market. It will be interesting to see how many people are at their event next month. Hopefully it stays strong amongst the competition because it's got to be one of the best (and toughest) events out there.

Have you got any thoughts on the cancellation of Warrior Dash? Or the affect that so many events are having? How would you feel if one of your regular UK events ended up being cancelled because of the entrance of marketing powerhouses? Do you think that Warrior Dash can attempt to enter the UK market again in the future or have their bridges been burnt?



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