Spartan Race are one of the big boys in the world of mud and obstacle events. They've already run 20 events so far this year and have another 34 left to go! Their expansion has been pretty aggressive; back in 2010 they only ran 7 events.

Spartan honies

Spartan started out in the North America but successfully brought their brand of fun and challenging obstacle races to the UK last year with a series of "Spartan Sprints" around the country (their 5km courses). It obviously worked out for them because this year they're going from four sprint events to five, plus they're also running a "Super Spartan" (12km) and "Spartan Beast" (20km). Check out the full list of UK events here.

I'll be taking part in all of the distances. Apparently I'll be awarded with the Spartan Trifecta for completing all three distances in a calendar year - bonus! Anyway, I'll be reporting back on how they all compare, so join me on Facebook and Twitter, so that I can keep you up to date.

While booking up my places, I stumbled upon a bit of a bargain - The 2012 Season Pass. You can get a UK season pass for £75 and it allows you to go to as many of their events as you want. Considering each event is going to set you back £40-£65 at this stage, it's well worth doing if you're intending to go to more than one. And why not go to all 7 events, at just over £10 each that can't be bad value!!

Also, if that's not bargainous enough, you get an extra 10% discount if you challenge a friend, so make sure you do that before you hand your money over.


    • Hi Rob. Yes, I’m getting one. I do think it’s good value if you’re getting along to 3+ events. Hopefully it’ll be a little better organised this year


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