A month or go I reported on how bargainous the UK Spartan Race season pass is. I still stand by that; it really is a great deal if you want to run anything over two Spartan Races this year. However, I do have a few grumbles that have, for me, made Spartan's UK operation look a little disorganised.

Spartan Sprint London fire jumping

The first thing is only minor and it wouldn't really bother me unless it was combined with everything else. I ordered my season pass back in the middle of June and, after a confirmation of payment I didn't receive any other communication from them. I wasn't provided with any information about whether I'd have to book into a heat, until I chased them up. A couple of days before the event I still hadn't received a "season pass", I wasn't really sure whether I had to prove that I had one when I went to the event or not and to make matters worse a final bib number document was sent out without my name on it (nor any other season pass holders it seems). Of course I was a little worried that I wasn't registered properly, so I had to chase them up again. I was told that season pass holders don't have a bib number and that I should just show up on the day.

All of that is fair enough, but it would have saved me time and worry if they'd have just let us know that in the first place. Anyway, none of that would bother me much if it wasn't for the main cock-up.

So, the day of London Spartan sprint was awesome. Apart from a lot of queuing at the beginning of the day it was really well organised (check out my review here). I had taken part in the 10am competitive heat and had made my way to the front of the pack because I am, well, competitive. I think I got a reasonably good time and I was excited to see what position I had got.

Mounting Spartan wall

A couple of day later I received a results email and excitedly followed this link. My excitement was short lived. Neither my registration number nor my name appeared on the list. Of course I was a little concerned. Maybe my tag hadn't registered when I crossed the line? I'd be gutted if that was the case. Looking through the list though, it doesn't look like there are any season passes there.

Had any of the season passes registered properly? Well, to be honest I still don't know. Over the last month I have emailed Spartan twice, who told me to contact the timing chip company (Trumin). I have emailed Trumin three times without a response and I have even spoken to them in person at the Cambridge Spartan Race and was promised that they'd get back in contact with me. It's nearly a month on from the event and I still have no idea whether my time was registered or not.

I also assume, with no season pass holders in the results list, none of the positions that have been published are correct. So this is an issue that is affecting everyone.

In my latest email from Spartan, I have been assured that the issue has been raised with the timing chip company and that season pass times were registered. So it looks like they've been let down by Trumin but with the lack of communication pre-event, it's making them look pretty slap-dash.

I don't like to grumble, especially not with Spartan Race - I'm loving their events - they're a quality act. But come on, sort it out, your season pass holders are your most loyal customers, start looking after them a little better.

If have or haven't experience similar problems let me know below. I'd be interested to know if any other season pass holders have got their times yet. I was at Cambridge but didn't race. Does anyone know whether season pass holders were registered okay there?


  1. Just got a message through from a friend on Facebook. Looks like Yorkshire had its problems too:

    “Hey Pete similar disorganisation for the Yorkshire one. I was entered as part of a group well in advance but half of us weren’t registered and Didn t get any info or times. Good day though.”

    Don’t be put off, like I said it’s an awesome day… just needs a bit of organisational tweaking.

  2. first race in canada this year, and sadly all the issues you mentionned happened here as well.
    Good finish I crossed the finish line a couple seconds before a friend who was a regular , not a SP holder , so I have a vague idea… but yeah, that sucks big time

  3. We are having the same problem here in Montreal Canada for the May 25th race. Last year I did not have a season pass. I ran the race, had a blast, but never got a recorded time. Was told – eventually – that approximately 5k chips were defective. That does not sound acceptable to me. But I loved the race, and proceeded to buy a season pass last June for the early-bird rate. This year there was A LOT of disorganization – of which I did not expect from a company that has a lot of experience in putting these races on. Almost all season pass holders I know never received a registration confirmation and were told at the last minute to bring our receipt of purchase and ID. Upon arrival (almost 3 hours early) we were funneled into a mostly empty parking lot. Only to find out that the venue parking was full by 11am, and that they had to shuttle racers & spectators over by school bus. The delay was insane. Upon arrival to the venue (1.5 hours later)the registration lines were incredibly long, and bottlenecked as the registration was held in a ski lodge with narrow stairways leading up to the registration area. Those without pre-confirmations were told to fill out the waiver – at a station with no pens….

    Finally get to the registration, am asked my email, only to be told it was not in the system. I told her I was a season pass holder, and she sighed, and said that was easy – handed me a pretty white and turquoise chip and told me to keep it until the end of the season, took my waiver and wished me a good race. I noticed she never entered the bib/chip number, and didn’t scan anything. How that chip/number is connected to me I have no idea.

    After crossing the finish line, a group taking the chips off told me to hand mine over – I told him what I was told at the registration and he said it didn’t matter, I would get a new one next race,and he took it.

    It has now been a week and a half later and only 6k of the 11k runners have posted times. Most season pass holders are missing. The results for the race the day after, as well as two other Canadian races, and the US race from only 2 days ago are already posted.

    I LOVED the course itself, no complaints there – but am VERY disappointed at the lack of organization, and the lack of communication. I am working towards my trifecta this year, and it might be my last Spartan season if it doesn’t improve/get settled. Sad since I love Spartan Races so much!

    • Wow! I was really hoping they’d sort out last year’s teething problems. Sorry to hear you’ve had such a bad time. It’s definitely not acceptable for such a large organisation.

  4. I can’t tell you how annoyed I was when I did the Spartan Beast in 2012 only to find my result want there. I managed to get the photos, work out my position and time from the final shot, emailed the guys at Spartan Race about for times and got no response. Having bought another season pass this year, I’m worried this will happen again. Finding this article has reinforced my worries, but it’s a relief to know I wasn’t exclusively neglected.


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