Spartan Training camp

Whilst at London’s Spartan Sprint this weekend, I managed to squeeze a very interesting bit of news out of the organisers - they are in the process of launching Spartan Race Training camps throughout the UK.

Until now the camps have only been located in Pipingford Park (East Sussex), which has been great for anyone south of London but maybe a little inaccessible for the rest of us. First of all you will see training centres set up in the areas where there are currently races: Yorkshire, Cambridge, Edinburgh and the Midlands but, by all accounts, the list of locations will be spreading like wildfire!

Spartan Mud

The spirit of Spartan Race Training - always helping each other out

If you’re a Personal Trainers, this could be your opportunity to get a fun gig! Spartan UK Head Coach, Michael Cohen, is currently in the process of recruiting and training PTs to run their own Spartan training camps. He’s looking for people with the same passion as him - to prepare the community of obstacle course racers to “Race FIT...Race SAFE...Race READY!” To find out more about the opportunities for PTs, check out the recruitment page here.

Being a mere mortal non-fitness instructor (as in I’m not a fitness instructor… I don’t teach non-fitness), I’m really excited to get a training camp closer to me. I have made the trip to Pipingford before and Michael’s sessions were spot on and unique (check out my experiences here), so I'm keen to make a more regular appearance.

Thomas Blanc leading way

Spartan Sprint champ Thomas Blanc leading the way

If this weekend’s Sprint is anything to go by, this season’s longer Spartan races are going to need every bit of training you can get in! For those who can access Pippingford, Michael will be running specific training session for the upcoming Beast. There’s currently an early bird discount running until Friday, so get in there now if you’re interested. Details here.

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