Judgement Day training group

With the anticipation that surrounds the first Judgement Day next April, this weekend gave us the opportunity to get to know a little more about the event and start our preparation.  The organisers ran the first of their free training sessions and our Nigel went along to check it out. Don't be too gutted if you missed it, the next session will be taking place on 10th November near Camberley. Take it away Nigel...

Not having participated in an organised OCR training session before, I had no idea what to expect from the new guys on the block. The weather was ever so delightful for ducks on my route down to Camberley; I thought the downpours would never end and we would be swimming rather than running! Luckily for me it stopped before arriving and, having found the general meeting point, I began chatting to the others. I found Nathan from the forum (who had the City Tougher event to race after… mental) and the Judgement Day Organiser Mark Buller, along with his team.

Hill ClimbJonathan Albon leading the hill climb

The group was surprisingly small but everyone was in high spirits and mucked in to grab a bit of kit before we made our way to the start point; at the top of a hill somewhere between of the Pascal Wood and the Royal Military Academy. The team were friendly and very forthcoming about what to expect; explaining that all of the exercises would mimic the types of obstacles that we are likely encounter in April. Mark took us on a small warm up, showing us the run routes for the 1km and 1 mile circuits that we would be following throughout the session.

The format was simple: Run the 1km route then take on two ‘obstacle’ stations, then crack on with the 1 mile route and repeat. Sounds easy enough, right? Made easier with nice steep hills to reach the starting point again. Brilliant!

Plank to shoulder pressPlank to shoulder press

After completing my first kilometre we were given a thick log-sized bar to complete the first of our exercises - 30 planks to above the head log lifts. I wasn't feeling too bad after that but next up we laid the  the log flat on the ground and jump over it then down to press position 15 times over!

Still feeling strong we headed into the 1 mile route next, giving me time to collect my breath and take in the quality location that we were in. Before I knew it, I was back at the top of the hill and starting the next set of obstacle stations: 60 kettle bell swings, followed by what I can only describe as Spiderman crawls [Ed: or bear crawls] forwards and backwards followed by a jump. It looked easy enough but crawling backwards was quite difficult… I will definitely be adding these into my own training.

Bear crawlsBear crawls

So far so good and we went around on another 1km route, this time carrying a sandbag (which I later regretted). Back to the top of the hill it was on to 30 sandbag squats followed by 10 plank position crab crawls with a press ups to complete.

In the last mile run I was feeling thoroughly worked, yet still smiling, even at the top of the hill for the last time. In the last station there was a kettle bell swing combined with 30 clean and jerks to the chest.

SandbagSandbag squat jumps

The Judgement Day team have really impressed me with this first session and I believe have started something really special as well as tough. I really like that they have loads of things left up their sleeves and want to keep things fresh and different by using different exercises and locations, something that will be implemented into their courses too. It was well organised and thought through to get the maximum out of you - it really did, trust me! And what's more it’s free, so what are you waiting for? Don’t just take my word for it, keep an eye on their Facebook and Twitter feeds for dates and locations of their next session and come along and meet the team and see for yourself!

The next FREE training session is scheduled for 09:30 on Sunday 10th November. For more information 'like' the Judgement Day Facebook page or email info@judgement-day.co.uk.

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