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Judgement Day returned this weekend for their second free training session and our Phil went along to check it out...

I signed up for this training day off the back of Nigel’s great review on the first one and, after reading it back again, it looks like the Judgement Day team upped their game even more with the second instalment.

The premise was simple – everyone was paired up with a partner and it was you and your partner’s job to get the best out of each other and push each other to work hard. Everybody started off with a 1km warm-up run then, in our pairs, we had to alternate between a running exercise and a weights or pylometric exercise for an hour and a half. Check out the video before I go on:

What I thought worked particularly well, was that when we were doing the weights exercises, we were given a certain amount of reps we had to complete between our pairs with one person resting whilst the other was doing them - it didn’t matter how many sets you split that up to in your pairs. The reason this worked so well was that if there was any exercise that anyone found particularly hard, you could simply split it into more sets of fewer reps and take rests in between to help you get through them.

For example, our first weights exercise was kettle bell swings with a hop and we had to complete 80 reps between us. Neither my partner Toby nor I found this too challenging so we bashed it out quite quickly in 2 x sets of 15 and a set of 10 each. But then after we came back from a 1km run we had to do exercises of 3 x two footed jumps between cones, then bear crawl back. The challenge for this one was set at 30 reps between us and it was really hard work so we split it into sets of 3 x reps each and did 5 x sets each.

kettle bell

The other weights exercises were: Press ups with a sandbag on your back, burpee style hop, clean and press with a weighted pugil stick type piece of kit - sorry can’t remember it’s name! Plus lunge, lunge, squat with a sandbag on your back and we had to complete 50 reps between the two of us for each exercise.

Without doubt the biggest challenge of the day though, were the incredibly tough hill sprints that formed half of the running exercises… Between each weights exercise we had to alternate between a 1km run and doing 6 x hill sprints up what can only be described in the politest of terms as a serious bastard of a hill!!

There were 2 dirt tracks going up this hill and we had to sprint up one side then walk down the other to repeat 6 times. Obviously you’re meant to get a break as you walk down in between but the hill was so steep I found that you had to be so careful with your footing in the descent as well that it didn’t make it much of a rest so – especially in my second round of 6 x reps – I really had to take a pause at the bottom each time to catch my breath.

Clean and press up

The partner grouping worked well again here - especially for me because my partner turned out to be a seriously strong sprinter and bounded up the hill in half my speed, which did make me put that extra bit of effort in. But even so – each time we had to tackle the hills I was knackered after the second sprint and had to dig really deep to complete the 6 reps.

The morning was tough but really enjoyable with the whole team from Judgement Day being extremely positive and encouraging throughout. I found it interesting to do an organised training day because although I do do circuit training and hill training as part of my own regime I’ve never done a bootcamp or similar and it did give me food for thought for where I need to improve and how I can adjust my own training (clearly repetitive hill sprints need to be done on a weekly basis!!)

Massive thanks to the JD team for taking the time to organise these training days – it’s an added little touch to engage with the community and give us something extra for our entry fee that is really appreciated and I hope I’ll be able to make the next one as well.

Keep up to date with Judgement Day and their free training sessions by following them on Facebook and make sure you sign up to the main event on their website: www.judgement-day.co.uk It should be epic!

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