One of the problems that we've all faced after obstacle course races is doing something with our wet and muddy clothes. Most of the time I'll just take a couple of bin bags with me to shove everything in, which prevents mucky leakages in the boot. I've also heard of people using hard plastic containers, which is pretty smart and far less wasteful.

A few weeks ago an email popped up in my inbox that got me quite excited. There was a new product on the market called STNKY Bag, which was a bag designed to throw your dirty kit in and promised to:

"...stop sweat, mud and odours leaking out."

Not only that, the bag apparently would:

"...go in the wash without the need to remove your gear from the bag."

It sounded great to me in theory and I looked forward to trying out a sample. A few days later and I got the sample through in the post and at that point I checked out the following video, which gives a good demonstration of how the bag is used:

I think the bag in the current form lends itself more to training than events themselves. I can imagine throwing my gym gear in the STNKY bag to keep it sealed up without stinking out everything else in my bag on the way home from work. However on race day I want somewhere to throw all of my layers, my shoes and a big heavy towel. As you can see from the video, this bag is nowhere near big enough for that. The manufacturers tell us that there will be some larger versions available next year though, which should be more suitable.

Also, although just throwing everything straight in the machine in one go would be great in theory, a lot of the time it would be so caked in mud, grass and whatever else, it would just clog the machine up. When running that issue past the manufacturers, we were told that "For rinsing stuff pre wash when its real muddy, we recommend pulling the bag inside out and hanging it from its straps, then running a hose or tap through it.  It works a treat."

So, for me the STNKY bag doesn't quite solve the post mud run problem that I hoped it would. However, if you go for lunchtime runs or gym sessions, you might find it really useful. If that is the case you can get a 15% discount as a Mudstacle Member (see the discounts page).

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