Doug Bars Welcome to the back garden of Dirty Dozen's Race Director, Doug Spence. Today we've brought together many of the UK’s best obstacle racers to compete in the inaugural Backyard Jam. Unlike your average obstacle course race, there will be very little running, with the focus entirely on the obstacles themselves. It’s basically going to be a rustic Ninja Warrior. You can keep up to date with developments by refreshing this page. We'll be updating the results table and commenting on proceedings (scroll down below the table for that). Remember to press refresh though!

NameGender1st time2nd time3rd timeBest time
Jon AlbonMaleDNF2.47.582.47.58
Jason BrunnockMale3.40.812.58.722.58.72
Sam CherryMale4.10.723.
Doug SpenceMale3.42.783.42.78
Adam TMale3.47.513:47:51
Alex ClarkMaleDNF4.11.814.11.81
Chris LawsonMaleDNF4.26.884.26.88
Chris PileMale4.49.534.57.624.49.53
Scott SimmondsMale5.
Dirty GavinMale5.13.945.13.94
Richard PringleMale5.28.905.14.725.14.72
Ross PhelanMaleDNF5.
Tim LovettMaleDNF5.28.355.28.35
Simon ThorneMale6.05.406.05.40
Dean NewmanMale6.
Aaron HewittMale6.42.666.42.66
Fi SilkFemale11.
Faye CaleyFemaleDNF11.54.5011.30.1911.30.19
Katie KeebleFemale15.08.03DNF15.08.03
Steve HodgeMaleDNFDNFDNF

Live updates

4.27 We've just had the prize giving. Congratulations to everyone, especially Jon Albon and Fi Silk for totally smashing it! Signing off for today... stay tuned for loads of videos, etc.

3:56 Amazing effort from Doug with 3:42:78 taking him into 4th!

3:49 This is it. Doug Spence, the man behind The Beard, behind Dirty Dozen is warming up... let's see what he can do on his home turf.

3.38 A herculean effort by Faye Caley moves her into second place by shearing 25 seconds off her first time. Awesome drive and determination to the bitter end!

3.25 With an awesome time of 8.01 Fi Silk smashes herself into furthering her lead from the first run. Can either of the other two females give her a run for her money. Faye is on course now....

3.15 A carried wrist injury pulls Jim Jim out of the running. Forlorn he will have to wait until next time to become a Back Yard Jammer!

3.08 Rich Pringle betters his first time and moves up the order with a superb effort around the course. Mud is becoming perilous in places on the route but with a number of competitors still keen to post times it's all still to play for as the afternoon progresses.

2.54 Dean Newman posts a respectable time of 6.21 despite carrying a shoulder injury. That's the sort of effort we're looking for. Strong shout Dean!

2.49 Chris Pile outs in a great run but just outside his first posted time by seconds.

2.40 Rumours are rife that Dirty Dozen Boss Man Doug might be about to break out the shoes for a pop at the title.....

2.39 Chris Lawson bumps himself up with a strong 4.26 and into 5th place. It's getting tough at the top with some amazing times being posted.

2.32 Sam Cherry smashes in a great time of 3.33 to move him into contention, will he go for a third run?

2.28 A gargantuan effort from Jason Brunnock keeps him in the top flight only seconds behind the leader Jon Albom

2.20 A second DNF for Steve Hodge puts the pressure on him a bit, will he rise to the challenge...

2.12 Strong time for Ross Phelan to move him onto the leader board after a first run DNF.

2.06 All change at the top with an outstanding time from Jon Albon. Will anyone topple that superb time?

1.57 A great time posted by Faye Caley, takes her to second in the ladies category.

1:44 Just finished lunch and ready for round 2. Ding Ding, bring it!

1:00 Awesome display from everyone so far. We're on a 20 min break before heading into the second round. So far the cliff hanger has been the biggest killer, there are a few guys practising on that now.

The first run from Jason was just crazy and it's going to be hard time to beat! There are a few big guns who dropped out after failing the balance beam (they had the option to do that to save energy for their second round). It's going to be interesting, stay tuned!

12:47 - Round 1 complete with Rich Pringle and Aaron Hewitt scoring 5:28 and 6:42 respectively

12:32 - 2 more top times - Alex Clark being the first to get a second go and scoring 4:08, then Sam Cherry - winner of the Dirty Dozen race - comes in at 4:10

12:21 - Oldest contender on the course Papa Sparta gives the young'uns a run for their money clocking an impressive 5:13

12:13 - Adam T just gave Jason a serious run for his money - he failed on the cliffhanger, taking the 20 burpees, but still nailed the course in an amazing 3:47

12:10 - Fi Silk showing the competition's not just for the guys - coming in at 11:10

11:55 - Katie Keeble became the first lady to  complete the Jam - finishing at 15:08. Mudstacle female pull-up champion Fi Silk is now on the course...

11:27 - Two more have completed the course all the way round. Simon Thorne failed the cliffhanger and took the 20 burpees - going all the way round in 6:05, then Chris Pile completed it without failure in 4:49. It doesn't look like anyone will come close to  Jason's time!

11:23 - We've had a string of DNF's from Alex, Chris, Tim, Jon Albon and Ross Phelan - all coming off at the (fairly slippery) balance beam and Fay just a bit further on the rope traverse. They all chose to save their strength by not doing the burpees and waiting for the next round to give it another go

11:05 - Mudstacle's pull up comp winner Jason B absolutely destroyed the course - didn't fail a single obstacle and set an amazing time to beat of 3:40:81... Everybody else is looking nervous!

10:52 - Hi all, Phil here reporting LIVE from the inaugural Backyard Jam! We've got 14 of the fittest guys and girls on the UK OCR scene here raring to go. We've just had a tour of the course and briefing by Doug and first up on the course will be Jason Brunnock shortly...

8:53 - Morning! Pete here. Just enjoying a bowl of muesli reading Facebook updates from today's competitors. They're all a little worried, bless 'em 😉 They'll be right I'm sure. In store for them today is a compacted obstacle course in a small section of woodland. The order of obstacles are:

  • 7'4" overhang wall (35 degrees)
  • Wooden monkey bars
  • 7 foot scaff pipe climb (40 degree)
  • Telegraph terror (35 foot log with a 6 foot fall)
  • Cliff hanger (6 foot of fingernail terror! Open hand climbers' grip, no feet)
  • Sloth rope traverse (70 foot)
  • K-snake (a tight vertical maze)
  • Overhung cargo net climb (40 foot)
  • Tractor tyre flip
  • Wooden A-frame clime (12 foot high)
  • Deja-vu (Series of four walls increasing in height)
  • Caving ladder (25 foot climb)

The stopwatch will start from the moment competitors hit the wall and stops when they release the ladder at the end. There will be a 20 burpee forfeit for any failed obstacles. Stay tuned... and keep refreshing this page. The bulk of the updates will be coming in from 10:30. Follow Mudstacle on: Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.


  1. whoop! go Jonny. well done all of you guys, I can imagine the feeling of competition between you lot 🙂

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