How To Climb Over And Through Tyres Quickly


Tyres have become a staple feature at obstacle races, forming features of all shapes and sizes. In the latest of our How To videos, Michael Midgley from 6TSIX returns to The Nuts Challenge course to show us the best and quickest way to climb over a pile of tyres and climb through a single large truck tyre. Enjoy.


Stay tuned to Mudstacle for more "How To" videos. Coming soon we have tips for climbing cargo nets, wooden walls, inverted walls and loads more!

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  1. Awesome I’ve always struggled with the single tyre obstacle. I’ve always put one leg through and tried to go sideways (which I saw someone on the video attempt), which is much slower and clumsier than the leg through, spin and pull out backwards technique.
    BACKWARDS is the new forwards!
    Cheers pete


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