Reebok Human Delta

Last night Reebok brought together London's fitness community to celebrate the launch of their new "Delta" logo.

Reebok logo changeTo the layman it may just seem like a shift from their classic-pointy-crossed-over-logo-thingy to a pointy-triangular-segmented-thingy, but it represents a whole lot more to Reebok. They state that "The Reebok Delta has three distinct parts each representing the changes - physical, mental and social - that occur when people push themselves beyond their perceived limits and embrace an active and challenging life..."

To us, it seems like Reebok are repositioning their brand for regular people who are enhancing their lives with fitness, rather than focussing entirely on elite athletes.    

Reebok's vision for Delta, and what it represents, fits in well with obstacle racing and Spartan Race in particular, who they now sponsor.  That was apparent yesterday evening when they brought together three fitness communities for their launch event: CrossFit, Spartan and Les Mills.

For obstacle racing to be recognised by an organisation as huge as Reebok is one thing, but for it to be at the forefront of such a monumental shake-up for their brand is quite another. It really is another sign of how obstacle racing is continuing to grow to whole new levels, and how it constantly stokes the passion of more and more people.

Human Delta Marble Arch
RPCC's Richard Pringle and Sam Cherry leading the Spartan workout (with CrossFitters in the background)

The aim of yesterday's launch event was to create a "Human Delta" in Marble Arch, with Spartans, CrossFitters and Les Mill(ers?) working out in separate segments - with the footage being used in an advertising campaigns I expect. It was awesome to see so many familiar faces from the community coming down to represent our Spartan segment and none more so than RPCC's Richard Pringle and Sam Cherry who lead the 15 minute workout. Just seeing the passion that pours out of those guys is the best possible representation that obstacle racing could have; they did us all very proud.

Speaking to Richard after the event was near on impossible because he'd lost his voice after an excessive amount of AROOing, but I'm pretty sure he said something along the lines of "This was such an awesome experience, it was an honour to be asked and everyone here was awesome!" [Feel free to correct me on that Richard 😉 ]   

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