How To Climb Overhanging Walls At Obstacle Races


Overhanging walls are definitely one of obstacle racing's hardest obstacles but there are a few simple techniques that can be used to make life a whole lot easier and minimise the amount of brute strength required. In this video, Doug "The Beard" Spence from Dirty Dozen Races returns to show us how we can rise to the challenge and get a lot quicker over his "Hangover Walls".


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  1. I’m new to running and the world of OCR. As i’m taking part in my very first OCR in September (Dirty Dash) I was worried about Doug’s monster obstacles. He was really helpful and invited me for some training on his obstacles. He went through the tips in this video with me and I was really chuffed when I managed to get over the overhanging wall. The tips really help. Look out for me at the Dirty Dozen on the Saturday as I will be marshalling and look forward to meeting you there.

  2. Hi Doug,
    Your videos are very helpfull, many thanks!
    I’m from the Netherlands where I participate in the Strong Viking runs.
    The walls there are made of very slippery plates where no foot grip is possible. Any tips in such circumstances?

    Cheers, Bob


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