Monkey Bar Techniques Tutorial Video


Monkey Bars can be one of the hardest challenges you'll face at an obstacle race and, although conquering them is largely down to upper body and grip strength, there are a few different techniques that can help you on your way.

In our latest video, Doug "The Beard" from Dirty Dozen Races introduces three different techniques that you can try next time you face Monkey (or Tarzan) Bars:


Thanks to Epic Action Imagery for the title picture.

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  1. I need some bars to practice on! Don’t suppose Doug would consider a Mudstacle training day where we can have a crack on walls/andgled walls/monkey bars etc?

  2. And of course made harder by the fact that the bars are always wet and muddy from the few hundred previous competitors – I use “THE BEARD’s” technique and it works fine for me, wish I was tall enough for the orang-utan method though!!


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