Mudstacle Awards

Obstacle racing has exploded across the UK in 2014. We have been spoilt by an incredible selection of events and our community has continued to grow in number and passion. There seems no better way to end such a monumental year than by putting the most exciting events and brands into the spotlight.

Reaper eventsThis Saturday a mix of obstacle racing’s event organisers, teams, media, suppliers and community members joined us in Bagshot to celebrate the end of the year and find out the results of the 2014 Mudstacle Awards sponsored by ACTIVE Network. Over the last couple of months we have compiled experienced public opinion, public voting and expert panel voting, ensuring that the RIGHT race or brand won each category, without it just being a popularity contest. I hope you agree with the results, they certainly seem bang-on to us!

Without further ado, here are the winners of the 2014 Mudstacle Awards:

Best Event For Obstacles

10409231_798751776833285_3763311451637789564_nSponsored by Swift Medals

Winner: Nuclear Races
Second Place: Dirty Dozen Races
Third Place: Tough Guy

It’s a powerful top three in this category. Tough Guy’s obstacles are huge and intimidating, Dirty Dozen’s are beautifully constructed but Nuclear Races have really pushed the boat out this year. They have created a big selection of innovative and high quality obstacles that make them a very worthy winner.

Best Value Event

IMG_1533Sponsored by Race Time Solutions

Winner: Brutal 10
Second Place: Nuclear Races
Third Place: The Nuts Challenge

The Nuts Challenge and Nuclear Races gave us a lot of bang for our buck this year, with very high quality courses, but it’s the amazing low price of Brutal 10’s natural terrain races that won the day. You really can’t argue with £20!

Best Event For Natural Terrain

Sponsored by The Weather NetworkMan vs Mountain

Winner: Rat Race Man Vs Mountain
Second Place: Red Bull Steeplechase
Third Place: Edurer Dash

The hills of the Peak District were home of the second and third place events in this category but it was Snowdon and Man Vs Mountain’s “sea level to summit” experience that took the top spot.

Best Event For Mud

Nuclear RacesSponsored by My Bib Number

Winner: Nuclear Races
Second Place: The Nuts Challenge
Third Place: Mud Monsters Run

New kids on the block Mud Monsters really lived up to their name at their inaugural event and Nuts Challenge is always a slippery clay mud pit, but it was Nuclear Races and their #LoveMud hashtag that came out on top.

Best Event For Swag

Judgement Day SwagSponsored by My Bib Number

Winner: Judgement Day
Second Place: Pukka Races
Third Place: Rat Race Man Vs Mountain

Rat Race Man Vs Mountain’s bag full of goodies and Pukka Races’ replica military medal got massive props from our voters but Judgement Day’s quality inov-8 casual t-shirts and iconic medal were the most desirable post-race goodies.

The Toughest Event

Tough Nuts ChallengeSponsored by Swift Medals

Winner: The Nuts Challenge
Second Place: Tough Guy
Third Place: Rat Race Man Vs Mountain

Running up and down Snowdon is obviously tough, as is facing Tough Guy’s tangled course of brutality, but four laps of The Nuts Challenge is UK obstacle racing's toughest physical challenge, especially in the winter!

Best Individual Obstacle

The Big One Rat RaceSponsored by John Roberts Associates

Winner: The Big One - Rat Race Dirty Weekend / Survival Of The Fittest
Second Place: Death Slide - Nuclear Races
Third Place: Tiger - Tough Guy 

Tough Guy’s Tiger is an intimidating introduction to the Killing Fields and one of the largest obstacles in the world, Nuclear Races’ Death Slide is a massive amount of fun and a perfect photo opp, but Dirty Weekend’s three-level wall has to be one of the most challenging ends to any race this year. Getting over that after 20 miles of running and 200 obstacles was a real achievement.

Best Newcomer Event

Judgement Day infinitySponsored by The Weather Network

Winner: Judgement Day
Second Place: Vision Wild Run
Third Place: Airfield Anarchy

Airfield Anarchy and Vision Wild Run both managed to produce high quality events first time around, but Judgement Day literally set the OCR community on fire with their innovative and brutal races. Hopefully this will be the first of many great years for all three races.

Best All Round Event

Nuclear RacesSponsored by Race Time Solutions

Winner: Nuclear Races
Second Place: Nuts Challenge
Third Place: Total Warrior

Total Warrior put on a slick and highly enjoyable show, The Nuts Challenge is an amazing experience but the stand-out event for 2014 has to be Nuclear Races. They really have pushed boundaries this year. Keep up the good work Nuclear Family!

Best Clothing

Dry RobeSponsored by uDEZIGNit

Winner: Dry Robe changing robe
Second Place: XTR Gear knee and elbow protection
Third Place: Dark Fin Black O.P.S Gloves

You’ll see Dark Fin Gloves and XTR Gear protection on many regular obstacle racers but it’s Dry Robe that has made the biggest impression on the OCR community this year. As well as being extremely practical, it has become the “uniform” of the core obstacle racer.

Best Shoes

inov-8 xtalonSponsored by uDEZIGNit

Winner: inov-8 Xtalons
Second Place: inov-8 Mudclaw
Third Place: Salomon Speedcross

It’s no surprise that inov-8 has dominated this category. Their light weight grippy shoes have exceled in the massive variety of terrain that we face as UK obstacle racers.

Most Inspiring Individual

Jon AlbonSponsored by Swift Skinz

Winner: Jon Albon

Handing out this award was one of the highlights of the evening. David Hellard gave a rousing speech about how humble and unassuming Jon is, yet he went over to the US as an “unknown” [COUGH] to win both the Spartan and OCR World Championships. He is an astonishingly talented athlete, an inspirational human being and the perfect ambassador for UK obstacle racing.

So there it is. That was 2014 and these were the Mudstacle Awards. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of Mudstacle over the last year, it really has been an incredible time for us and we have loved watching the events and the community flourish. Here's to an even more exciting 2015!

For more news , tips and info about obstacle course races and mud runs. Follow Mudstacle on: Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.


  1. Great stuff Pete, pretty cool to see which events were voted best for what and personally speaking, I know my interest is piqued for a number of those listed here after seeing them score places in the awards 🙂

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