Bring Sally Up challenge

The day sally never really got up…

Every day for a month I will be completing a different workout challenge, as part of Mudstacle's #TrainJames feature and day two presented several options. I've had many suggestions for some cracking workouts now, so I had some decisions to make. The first one was made at 7:30 am when I tried to stand up… Okay, so I won't be doing any running or leg exercises today... next!

The remaining two choices in the list were pole dancing and the infamous Sally Up Sally Down challenge - which was a closer decision that you might expect, and not for my love of pole dancing.

I decided on the Sally Up challenge with the sharp realization that men aren't allowed in my local pole dancing studio, so I set about procrastinating as much as I could. If you don’t know what "Sally Up Sally Down" is then where have you been? It involves maintaining a press up in either extension or flexion dependent on the song lyrics of, Moby's "Flower".

At 14:30 I finally got around to it - yay! Having set up the camera, fuelled up on ginger nuts and tea, I was ready(ish). Video buffering I took my position and then, ah damn. It turns out yesterday's burpee mile was quite taxing on the ol' triceps and back. Struggling with the first rep I was looking forward to the next 2 minutes of hell. That was my goal, 120 seconds, that’s it. Earlier in the year I achieved 2:48min so how hard could 2 be? Well, very. I struggled continuously, but as you’ll see from the video I managed to achieve a great time of . I found it so easy I started snacking…

Okay I lied, I fell after 55is seconds, the burn was incredible.

I think I may have underestimated the challenge ahead. Still, never mind. I lined back up, more ‘fuel’ in the tank and went again, calf compressions removing some of the DOMS in my triceps, but not enough - timberrrr!

This challenge was always going to be one of the toughest and had beaten me. But with my head held high I didn’t care. I was barley able to get out of bed this morning, and getting out of the bath took me three attempts.

With that challenge attempted, I’m going in hunt of ibuprofen and pancakes. I don’t suppose anyone knows of any DOMS removing witchcraft? Could really use your help right now! Or any other supplements for that matter.

Got any killer workouts you want me to do (Try)? Send me an email at and ill do my best! Tomorrow I’m in London all day so lets make it urban!

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