Mudstacle Sprint series

Following out teaser on Friday, I’m sure you’ve all been excitedly awaiting more news on the Mudstacle Sprint Series – a group of short course events with quick-fire obstacles.

Not wanting to leave you in suspense, we are very happy to announce the first two major events that will be part of the series this summer: The Wild Forest Jam on 25 May (bank holiday Monday) and the Warrior Run Immortal Challenge on 5th July.

Both of these events only have 100 or so available places so, if you want to take part, I suggest you get on and book IMMEDIATELY! (Thankfully they’re both super cheap)

About the Mudstacle Sprint Series

Each of the events in the Series will take place on a short obstacle packed course and will be stand-alone competitions in their own right. However, much like the Mudstacle League, you will be able to compete at multiple events for a collated score, and we will crown the Mudstacle Sprint Series Champions at the end of the season.

Without further ado, here are details of the first two events in the series:

The Wild Forest Jam – 25th May 2015 – Essex

Wild Forest JamThe first event in the series will take place on Wild Forest Gym’s 2.2km obstacle training course at the Nuclear Races site and will consist of a knock-out competition with the following format:

  • Heats - 100 runners in 20 waves
  • Quarter Finals - 60 runners in 15 waves
  • Semi Finals - 30 runners in 10 waves
  • Relay Fun Race - all those not making the semi-finals
  • Finals - 10 runners in 2 waves (male and female race separately throughout)

Those who make it through to the finals will race four times but even if you get knocked out early, you’ll be able to take part in the Relay Fun Race. Believe me, you will be surprised how satisfying even one lap of the course is!

We expect this to be a fun community event, so there will be a BBQ after the competition and campers will be welcome for free on Sunday night.

This is a great value event at only £30 (or £24 for Mudstacle Members) but there are only 100 places available. So book here NOW or you are likely to miss out.

Here’s a video to get you in the mood:

The Warrior Run Immortals Challenge – 5th July 2015 – Brighton

Warrior Run ImmortalsWarrior Run’s Immortal Challenge will consist of 1.5 – 2km of quick fire obstacles, along with a few hills for good measure. As with the other events in the series, this will take the form of a knock-out competition. We expect the format to be along the lines of the following:

  • 1st Round Heats
  • 2nd Round Heats
  • Quarter Finals
  • Semi Finals
  • Finals

There will be separate male and female competitions and, depending on the ratio, there might be one less round. So, those who make it through to the final will have completed either 4 or 5 laps of the course. The male and female winners on the day will walk away with £250 cash!

There will be tonnes of other activities running throughout the day, like tug of war, discounted go-karting and generally hanging out with a bunch of legends, so even if you get knocked out early on, you’ll still have a fun day.

Again, this is a very reasonably priced event. It's £40, or £35 with your Mudstacle discount, and we expect the 120 places to sell like hot cakes. Get on it and book here ASAP!

Here's a video of Warrior Run's central course:

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