Once again the Mudstacle Awards dinner was the perfect way to wrap up the year and reward the very best brands, events and individuals in UK obstacle racing. Below are the results for each category, which were calculated by a complex system of analysis, which collates public voting with specific opinions of racers with experience of each event. We believe that the system has, again, allowed the rightful winners to rise to the top.

Best Overall Obstacle Race Or Mud Run (sponsored by Brocket Gear)

The top three events were: Nuclear Races, Judgement Day and Rat Race Dirty Weekend.

Winner: Nuclear Races.

Best all round race

Toughest Event (sponsored by FW Urban Gym)

Top three: Winter Tough Guy, Winter Nuts Challenge (4 laps) and Nuclear Oblivion.

Winner: Nuclear Oblivion.

Toughest event

Toughest Event (under 20km) (sponsored by Obstacle Course Training)

Top three: Winter Tough Guy, UK OCR Championships and Mighty Deerstalker.

Winner: Winter Tough Guy.

Toughest event under 20km

Best Newcomer Event (sponsored by Race Timing Solutions)

Top three: Mudnificent 7, Wild Forest Jam and Forest Warrior.

Winner: Mudnificent 7.

Best newcomer
Mudnificent 7 collecting their Best Newcomer award

Best Event For Obstacles (sponsored by CabCam Booth)

Top three: Nuclear Races, Rat Race Dirty Weekend and Judgement Day.

Winner: Nuclear Races.

Best event for obstacles
Nuclear Races collecting their "Best Event For Obstacles" award

Best Event For Mud (sponsored by Bad Boy Boy Running)

Top three: Mud Monsters Run, Nuclear Races and The Nuts Challenge.

Winner: Mud Monsters Run.

Best event for mud

Best Event For Natural Terrain (sponsored by Clif Bar)

Top three: Rat Race Man Vs Mountain, Fandance Race and Rat Race Mighty Deerstalker.

Winner: Rat Race Man Vs Mountain.

Best event for Natural Terrain

Best Value Event (sponsored by MyBibNumber)

Top three: Bing Blazer, Nuclear Races and The Nuts Challenge.

Winner: The Nuts Challenge.

The Nuts Challenge collecting their "Best Value Event" award.

Best Swag (sponsored by MyBibNumber)

Top three: Nuclear Races, Spartan Race and Judgement Day.

Winner: Spartan Race.

Best swag

Best Individual Obstacle (sponsored by Obstacle Race Magazine)

Top three: Nuclear Races Death Slide, Ram Run Bridge Of Despair and Dirty Weekend Big One.

Winner: Nuclear Races Death Slide.

Best obstacle

Most Innovative Event (sponsored by SportStiks)

Top three: Nuclear Races, Bigfoot Challenge and Judgement Day.

Winner: Bigfoot Challenge.

Most innovative
Bigfoot Challenge collecting their Most Innovative award. 

Most Inspiring Individual

Top three: Clare Miller, Sean Gash and Jonathan Albon.

Winner: Clare Miller.

Most inspiring individual
Clare Miller collecting her "Most Inspiring Individual" award from the Mayor of Mole Valley.

Best Training / Bootcamp (sponsored by Virus Performance)

Top three: Wild Forest Gym, British Military Fitness and Bootcamp Revolution.

Winner: Wild Forest Gym

Best training
Wild Forest Gym collecting their "Best Training" award.

Best International Event (sponsored by Dryrobe)

Top three: Toughest, OCR World Championships and Strong Viking.

Winner: OCR World Championships.

Best international event

Best Footwear (Sponsored By Muddy Kit)

Top Three: Asics Gel Fujirunnegade, inov-8 Xtalons and Salomon Fellcross.

Winner: inov-8 Xtalon.

Best Footwear

Congratulations to all of our winners and thanks to everyone who helped us pick them.

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