With Mudstacle’s Spring Tour of Training Days just around the corner, we spoke to Coach Bolly about what to expect from one of these sessions:

Great to have you on board again Bolly, can you tell us a bit more about what the training days will involve?

We’ll kick off each day with a bootcamp style fitness session to start with, this serves to get people warmed up and moving – making sure each set of muscles is being used. We’ll be doing bodyweight exercises and will aim to do plenty of work in pairs and threes to make it more fun and sociable.
I’ll also be bringing some games down to each session and I’ll make sure there will be new games each time. I might even bring the evil broom handles with me… nobody realises how evil they are until they get hold of one and realise that they don’t like them!

It won’t be too much of a traditional bootcamp though, I’ll try to mess it up a bit, give it a Mudstacle edge and make it as fun as possible.

I really don’t want people to worry that these are only for the super fit or only for the unfit as I’ll be bringing bibs along so everyone can choose which level they want to be (beginner, medium or advanced) and they’ll then get a workout that will suit them and challenge them at their own ability level.

For the vast majority it’ll be a workout but it’ll be fun. We’ll be taking people slightly out of their comfort zone but we won’t be taking it too far. However for the experienced OCR athletes and fit guys who will be coming then I will take great pleasure in beasting them big time – but only if they want to be!


So then after the bootcamp sessions we’ll be going into the obstacle technique lessons. Tell us how these will be run?

I like to look at these sessions as more of a ‘technique sharing’ session than a strict lesson because there’s always more than one way of completing each obstacle.

For the beginners who have never seen or managed to complete a particular obstacle we’ll give them close supervision, mentoring and break down the technique into manageable steps to give them the best possible chance of completion.

For people there who can already confidently conquer obstacles, we’ll encourage them to try different methods and we’ll have some of the guys from Mudstacle Team at each training day to share their techniques and experiences. Even the most veteran of obstacle racers might well discover that somebody else’s technique is quicker or more energy efficient than what they had done before so there’s definitely something for everyone.

This part is great for new people because they’ll soon realise that going over a wall isn’t scary, nor is attempting a set of monkey bars. We’ll work through the best techniques me and the Mudstacle guys know to show the variation of options available.

If we get people who can’t complete a particular obstacle I will show them how to train for it, which exercises they can work on from the comfort of their own home to improve strength, increase grip strength or whatever it may take so that in the future they’ll have less trouble with that obstacle.
This is a real fun day to get them more confident, even if they can do one swing of a set of monkey bars or maybe three swings, that could be a huge improvement to somebody and give them a confidence boost to work on their strength and hit it harder next time.


How will each session vary?

The most obvious difference is that on each site there is a very different landscape to work with and different obstacles to practise on. We’ll play with what we can find, we’ll use open spaces or hills when we have them for running techniques, use tyres when we have them for games etc etc. The landscape will change everything. Some will have mud, some will have circuits but every one will be different.

In addition, for the bootcamp section I’ll be bringing different games with me each time, they will all be good fun but every one will be different. People could come to all 4 locations and have 4 completely different experiences.

Check out this matrix below to see which obstacles will be available for play / lessons on at which session:

Will people be getting wet and muddy?

It varies from site to site as to how much water and mud there is but the important thing is that if anybody doesn’t want to get wet or muddy then they absolutely don’t have to. It will not be an essential part of the day. We’re mainly there to get fitter, learn obstacle technique and build confidence.
On the other hand, if you want to and consider it a part of the training experience then fill your boots, there will always be opportunities for it!


Any final words?

These are great opportunities to experience courses like Vision, Nuclear or JD for people who might be thinking about booking into those races but are unsure and would first like to see what they’re like.

If you’re already a regular racer then it’ll be an awesome fitness session where you’ll get a proper beasting and a great play on some of the best obstacles in the country.

If you’re brand new to ocr then pick a ‘beginner’ or ‘medium’ bib when you arrive and you won’t be beasted beyond your limits but you’ll still be physically challenged. You’ll learn a hell of a lot but not only that, you’ll also get a great opportunity to meet other obstacle racers, ask about what kit you might want, what races are recommended etc.

Thanks Bolly

You can book into the training days below and don’t forget Mudstacle members get 10% discount 


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