Mudstacle Mayhem

We love doing something new at Mudstacle. So, after a hefty brainstorming session with Nuclear Races, we are very excited to launch the brand new “Mudstacle Mayhem”. Although this includes Nuclear’s obstacles and a little bit of running, it’s unlike any event we’ve seen before. [UPDATE: Now including Nuclear's revolutionary new obstacle - see the release video here]

Revolutionary Nuclear ObstacleSo, how do we communicate what Mudstacle Mayhem actually is?

The Starting Point

Imagine a field laid out like the picture at the top of this article (wonderfully illustrated by Philine Harris). You’ll have a bit of time at the beginning of the event to wander around checking out the obstacles. There will be at least 10 of Nuclear’s best land-based obstacles to play on.

Then, when everyone’s ready, we will gather at the Mudstacle flag in the centre of the field, awaiting the whistle that will commence the Mayhem.

The Mayhem

From the centre of the field you’ll run to any obstacle. That could be your favourite obstacle, the hardest obstacle or maybe the one with the fewest amount of people.

By completing that obstacle you’ll get a codeword from a marshall, which you then need to remember and recite to the central marshall back at the starting point in the middle of the field.

You then run back out to the next obstacle of your choice.

All obstacles need to be completed once, in any order.

Focus on fun

This is very much a “challenge not a race” with a focus on fun and achievement. Some might like to complete the challenge as quickly as possible, but we expect most to focus more on progression. We’ll have marshalls/helpers on each station to offer advice and demonstrate technique, to ensure you get the most out of the experience.

Spot Prizes

There are no prizes for coming first (other than a very large pat on the back), but there will be plenty of fun spot-prizes awarded throughout the day, such as “most original method of completing an obstacle”“best use of teamwork at an obstacle”“best joke told whilst completing an obstacle”. 

Dates, times and price

Believe it or not, Mudstacle Mayhem will only cost you £10 or is completely free if you come to two or more Mudstacle Training Sessions!

It will take place on 20th February at 12:30pm at Nuclear Races in Essex (CM15 0LA), directly after our Mudstacle Training Session, where we’ll be doing a bunch of fitness exercises and obstacle techniques from 9:30am (find out more about that here).

Register here

Register for Mudstacle Mayhem below, or get it free if you sign up to two or more training sessions.

Thanks to Philine Harris for the illustration.


  1. Dear Mudstacle, unfortunately I can’t make the 20th February but was wondering if you had plans to hold anymore mayhem dates or training days.

    Would be keen to try and join one

    Daniel M.

  2. Hi there,
    Oh no I can’t make it this sat the 20th! Any other dates please?

    Thank you

    Justyna E.


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