David Hellard interview

More and more obstacle racers are setting their sights on longer races, even marathons and ultras. In doing so, we are moving further away from a blaggable distance that you can just rock-up to and race with little specific preparation.

There is no doubt that, if we want to perform over long distance, we need to be a little more intelligent with our training and preparation. In fact, it seems sensible to learn from our traditional running routes. There is one person in our running community who really does know a lot about traditional long distance run training and that's British Military Fitness Race Team's David Hellard. He's been running marathons long before the obstacle racing boom and, as well as leading the London Marathon (briefly), he has a ridiculously fast PB - sub 2 hours 45, I believe.

In the video below, Pete's quizzes David about the kind of preparation we should consider when embarking on the road towards longer races. We get into a fair amount of detail (it's nearly half an hour long), so if you'd rather listed to the MP3 while you're out running, you can download that here (right click on the link and "save link as").

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  1. My claim to fame is beating David at The Eliminator Half………OK, he did have another 13.1 miles to run. BUT, I was ahead at the half way mark (or end in my case).


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