Mudstacle TV’s Top Five Nuclear Races Obstacles That Look Scary But Aren’t


Today's episode of Mudstacle TV is aimed at obstacle racing's first-timers, who may be intimidated by some of the obstacles that they'll face at the up coming Nuclear Rush. Fear not! In this video we show you how you can take it all in your stride.


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  1. Matheus disse:Bom dia, queria saber como consigo uma bolsa para jogar em alguma universidade no exrheior.Ttneo 15 anos e jogo volei aqui no meu estado, tenho 1,89. Queria saber com que idade ja podemos concorrer a bolsa, e tirar mais algumas duvidas.Muito obrigado.

  2. This is great. I love the part about being viewed as an extension of their marketing dept. Any consulting firm should be viewed as an extension of the in-house team. Both should work together to achieve a higher ROI for the client. When friction occurs between the in-house team and consulting firm, goals and objections become harder to reach.

  3. Couches and kitchens. And old issues of the New Yorker, actually–eso sent me with a whole pile of New Yorkers to see me through the first few lonely weeks in DC.


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