Dirty Weekend video

This year Rat Race Dirty Weekend cemented itself as a must-do pilgrimage for obstacle racers, and especially the Mudstacle community. We were joined by the Dutch Mud Men and BMF in wave 2 this year and, as this video shows, we pretty much had the best time EVER! Watch, enjoy, then read on below to find out how you can join in the fun next year [IMPORTANT: Register with the instructions below before midnight on 30th June 2016]

Next year Mudstacle and the Dutch Mud Men will be uniting in wave 5 and Rat Race have given Mudstacle Members an awesome deal to sign up. Just follow the instructions below to get 15% off the current price!

How To Register - Before Midnight On 30th June 2016 Only

Rat Race Dirty Weekend takes place on 6th May 2017 and we'll be camping for the whole weekend. Come and join the Mudstacle crew and get a whopping 15% off! (Only available until midnight on 30th June 2016)

If you're logged in as a Mudstacle Member you will see instructions below.

If you're not already a Mudstacle Member, register here and then refresh this page to see instructions. It will appear before "Join The Facebook event" below.

Once You've Done That Join The Facebook Event

Come and "attend" our Wave 5 Facebook event here and join our Mudstacle Community Group here.


  1. Some of the greatest fun I’ve had with my clothes on, can not wait till next year!!!

    Maybe Mario will make an appearance with his football boots and speedo’s!!!


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