As you all know, we love the competitive side of obstacle racing, just as much as the fun side, so the decision for us to launch a Mudstacle racing team is, perhaps, long over due. However, over the next couple of days, we will be announcing the all-new MUDSTACLE MACHINES.

At the head of the team will be Player Manager Scott Seefeldt. He'll be running the show from the sidelines but occasionally, influenced by Keeny Daglish and Gianluca Viali, will be strapping on his boots and getting stuck in! Here's an introduction to Scott's first three star athletes (and a little bit about himself):

Dave Rogers

Dave RogersNickname: Monkey Boy
Age: 42
Height: 5'8"
Location: Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire
Day job: Security Installer

Best league finish:
1st Masters - Winter '16 (and 3rd overall)
2015 UK Champs finish: 1st Age Group
2015 World Champs finish: Not attended

Reason for getting into obstacle racing: Wanted to do something more interesting than just running.
Other Sporting history: Full Contact Karate (approx 12 years).
Best OCR result: 1st at UK champs (age group).
Best sporting achievement outside of OCR: Achieving 1st Dan Black Belt in Kyokushin Karate (few years ago), part of test was 20 x 1min full contact fights.

OCR strengths: Upper body strength obstacles.
OCR weaknesses: Running .
Favourite Race: Nuclear Rush.
Sporting goals: World Champs podium (age group).

Favourite Hashtag: #boom
Favourite song to train to: Kygo - Firestone

Jason Brunnock

Jason BrunnockNickname: TBC
Height: 5ft 11
Location: Buxton, Derbyshire
Day Job: Commercial Diver

Best league finish: 5th - Winter '15
2015 UK Champs finish:
2015 world champs finish: Not attended

Reason for getting into OCR: It's basically messing around on adult play grounds and I'm just a big kid.
Sporting History: Football and Running .
Best OCR Result: 1st Mens Health Survival of the Fittest - Manchester.
Best sporting achievement outside OCR: I won an egg and spoon race once.

OCR strengths: Grip strength obstacles. Hang tough, monkey bars etc.
OCR weaknesses: Cramping up on long races.
Favourite Race: Too many to choose just one.
Sporting Goals: Top 30 at the OCR World Champs.

Favourite way to train: Fell/Trail running and Bouldering.
Favourite hashtag: Hashtag free since 1985.
Favourite song to train to: Roxanne 🙂

Lilly Hunt

Lilly HuntNickname: TBC
Age: 25
Height: 5'7"
Location: London
Day job: PhD student (Genetics)

Best league finish: #awks
2015 UK Champs finish: #srsly
2015 World Champs finish (if relevant): #noob

Reason for getting into obstacle racing: Went from Ninja Warrior UK contestant to European Ninja Warrior Course tester, then Scott got a tip off I could run as well and lured me in.
Sporting History: First and foremost - Rugby (where I learnt to love mud) and parkour.
Best OCR result: 9th in London's Toughest Elite women (2nd British female) - to be fair that's the only one I've done so far...
Best sporting achievement outside of OCR: I'll never forget u14 school district high jump winner.

OCR strengths: Finger strength for grip obstacles.
OCR weaknesses: I wear contacts and constantly stress about them falling out.
Favourite Race: Toughest (really need to get some more experience).
Favourite way to train: I actually love sprint intervals...
Sporting goals: To be close to Freya Martin (I'm guessing/hoping that sounds super creepy...)

Favourite Hashtag: #veganathlete - had to mention it didn't I? 😉
Favourite song to train to: Hudson Mohawke - Scud Books

Scott Seefeldt

Scott SeefeldtNickname: Honeybadger
Age: 35 which is about 21 in Honeybadger years 😉
Height: 5'11"
Location: Bristol
Day job: Business Development Manager for an Engineering Company

Best league finish: 18th - Winter ’15
2015 UK Champs finish: Did not compete.
2015 World Champs finish: Did not compete.

Reason for getting into obstacle racing: Always enjoyed running, I have a military background and enjoyed assault courses, so decided to do a few Tough Mudders with some mates and next thing I was hooked, to the sport, the races and the community. Love the media side of it and also the operations involved with setting up and running an obstacle race.
Sporting history: Rugby, Running and now Triathlons
Best OCR result: 8th in Winter Nuts 4 laps and first place in the Winter Fan Dance (not really an OCR though), I did come 2nd once at the Avalanche 20km race.
Best sporting achievement outside of OCR: Completing a 50 mile overnight ultra marathon in the Peak District two years running. I made a 1-2 hour improvement in the second year and came 14th overall.

OCR strengths: Running and rings.
OCR weaknesses: Upper body strength, water, anything too Ninja Warrior - like the salmon ladder.
Favourite Race: Toughest Copenhagen.
Favourite way to train: Running, Bouldering, BMF and Project Awesome.
Sporting goals: Complete an Ironman Triathlon, complete a 100mile ultra, finish the Dragons Back in 2017 and finish within the top 15 of the Mudstacle UK OCR League.

Favourite Hashtag: #bemoreidiot
Favourite song to train to: Anything by Whitney Houston, she really gets me going.

Thanks very much team, we look forward to seeing you all in action. Stay tuned for more MUDSTACLE MACHINES team announcements tomorrow!

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