We are very happy to add three further names to our list of Mudstacle Machines, our competitive OCR team. Yesterday we announced Scott Seefeldt as our Player-Manager, along with masters racer Dave Rogers, ninja warrior Lilly Hunt and big gun Jason Brunnock (read more about them here).

It comes as no surprise that Ross Brackley will be a major player in the team, as he's been running with Mudstacle for a few months. Joining him will be Lee Jackson, who's a long-time supporter of Mudstacle, is a super nice guy and has a great combination of strength and speed. Also we have Aeron Charity, who seeps with enthusiasm and fun. His "special move" is to always be first off the line and he's really upping his game in 2016. Unfortunately he's going to start on the bench, as he sustained a knee injury at Nuclear Rush, but he hopes to have a shot at the World Champs before going in for an operation. Here's a little more about them...

Ross 'Peter' Brackley

Ross BrackleyNickname: Handbag Thief
Age: 28
Height: 6'
Location: Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Day job: Engineer

Best league finish: 1st - Winter '16 (Woo!)
2015 UK Champs finish: 3rd
2015 World Champs finish: 14th

Reason for getting into obstacle racing: I didn't want to be left out.
Sporting history: Judo background, I'm used to falling over.
Best OCR result: Some good wins but none more prominent than any other really.
Best sporting achievement outside of OCR: Once managed to pack 5,394 unique items into a handbag (each no smaller than a grain of rice) and run with it for 400 meters. [Ed: That's what happens when you leave blank spaces Ross!]

OCR strengths: Running.
OCR weaknesses: Running Style 😉
Favourite Race: Probably Toughest at the moment, they're asking the most of me.
Favourite way to train: Slow, on an adventure, no time restraints 🙂

Favourite Hashtag: #swampjogger
Favourite song to train to: Mudstacles' Age Group Racer.

Lee Jackson

Lee JacksonNickname (if you have one): Pending
Age: 34
Height: 5' 10"
Location: Stevenage, Hertfordshire
Day job: Self employed ceramic tiler

Best league finish: 5th - Summer '15
2015 UK Champs finish: My only DNF due to a broken fibula (enjoying the zip wire to much!)
2015 World Champs finish: Not attended

Reason for getting into obstacle racing: A football team bonding exercise.
Sporting history: I played football growing up and trained in kick boxing for 6 years.
Best OCR result: The best result would be 1st at 14k Warrior Run, but I think the best performance might have been 3rd at 10k Total Warrior (Lake District) because of the quality of OCR and fell runners there.
Best sporting achievement outside of OCR: Winning my kick boxing fight.

OCR strengths: Sandbag carries and hills.
OCR weaknesses: Balancing and the cold!
Favourite Races: Total Warrior (Lake District) & Dirty Dozen (Wales).
Favourite way to train: Spontaneous.
Sporting goals: All three Dirty Dozen distances in one day, Winter Nuts 4 laps, Winter Tough Guy, a trail marathon and an OCR abroad.

Favourite Hashtag: #shamone [Ed: Again, the danger of leaving blanks]
Favourite song to train to: I listen to music all day at work so when I train I love to train without music so I can focus on what I'm doing.

Aeron Charity

Aeron CharityNickname: Charity
Age: 28
Height: 6'
Location: London
Day job: Graphic Designer

Best league finish: 8th - Winter '16
2015 UK Champs finish: 32nd
2015 World Champs finish: Not attended

Reason for getting into obstacle racing: I'm a kid at heart and OCR is like my playground.
Sporting history: Running, Cycling, Football, Swimming.
Best OCR result: 3rd at Summer Nuts 2015 or 3rd at Judgement Day Bordon 2016.
Best sporting achievement outside of OCR: Half marathon PB of 1:24:15

OCR strengths: Grip, speed, distance and climbing.
OCR weaknesses: Swimming and finding time to train.
Favourite Race: Rat Race Dirty Weekend.
Favourite way to train: Training events (Mudstacle Mayhem) and running.
Sporting goals: To always challenge myself, and to never give up.

Favourite Hashtag: Don't have one. [Ed: Sigh... ] #blondshavemorefun
Favourite song to train to: Most songs by Linkin Park.


Stay tuned for more news from the Machines. We look forward to seeing how they get in Mudstacle's UK OCR Team League, against the likes of BMF Race Team, Muddy Kit, etc. 🙂

Thanks to MyBibNumber and Epic Action Imagery for the pictures above.

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