Mudstacle TV: Back Yard Jam 2016 Coverage – Ninja Warrior Meets OCR



The Dirty Dozen Back Yard Jam, set in the garden of Doug "The Beard" Spence, has progressed immensely since its inception. It has always been THE place to witness the UK's best obstacle racers being technically challenged to destruction. The first edition was the first and only time we've seen World Champion Jonathon Albon collapse in a heap after a run.

With racers becoming more and more accustomed to technical obstacles and, especially, with the global rise of Ninja Warrior, Doug has ensured that his rustic back garden Mecca has continued to push the top athletes to their limit. This year Back Yard Jam united obstacle racers with the stars of UK Ninja Warrior, which took the excitement levels through the roof. As well as OCR's Ross Brackley, Jason Brunnock and Hayley Forest, you're also likely to recognise the likes of Teige Mathews-Palmer, Richard Bartlett and Tim Champion from off of the tele.

This episodes covers the highlights from the day but, to keep the time down, we haven't included any full runs. We'll get some of the best runs up in the next week of so though, because it's amazing to see how these guys can blast through so many obstacles in under 5 minutes!

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