Mudstacle League Qualification for OCR WC

We have some very exciting news for the UK's competitive obstacle racers today. The top 10 male and female finishers in Mudstacle’s UK OCR League each season will qualify for the OCR World Championships Pro Wave!

Here’s the official announcement from OCR World Championships founder Adrian Bijanada:

OCR World Champs logoOCRWC are pleased to announce their endorsement of The Mudstacle UK OCR League. The league is in its sixth season and provides an enduring, exciting and robust competitive structure for OCR Athletes in the UK and is a great lead up to the pinnacle of the OCRWC.

As part of this endorsement OCRWC have agreed that the Top 10 males and Top 10 females for both the Winter and Summer league editions shall qualify for the Pro Wave of the OCRWC and the top male and top female for both the Winter and Summer league shall have their entry to the relevant OCRWC covered by the league.

As the Summer league finishes in November qualification and entry to the pro wave shall be for the following year’s OCRWC. The Winter League shall be for the OCRWC held within the same calendar year.

For example, the top female from the Summer League in 2016 shall qualify and be provided entry for the OCRWC in 2017.

Both OCRWC and Mudstacle see this as a positive move to link the enduring competitive structure provided through a robust league system with the pinnacle of the competition, the OCRWC.

Find out more about the OCR World Championships here.

To take part in the Mudstacle UK OCR League, simply become a Mudstacle Member here, or become a league only member here.

Find out about the up coming League scoring events here.

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