With the initial Summer 2016 League tables on the verge of being launched, we thought we’d spread some very exciting news about one of OCR’s favourite subjects - BLING!

This season in Mudstacle’s UK OCR League, we will be awarding tiered medals to those that finishing approximately in the top third of their gender and broad age category. Those finishing positions will vary from season to season to account for the changing field size but, for the Summer 2016 season, medals will be sent to the following finishers:

Bronze Silver Gold
Men U40 Top 120 Top 80 Top 40
Ladies U40 Top 45 Top 30 Top 15
Men 40+ Top 45 Top 30 Top 15
Ladies 40+ Top 15 Top 10 Top 5

We will be displaying the league tables slightly differently this season, so that you can keep an eye on your category position. As well as having the main “overall” table, we will also display the four segmented tables for each category above.

Join Mudstacle's UK OCR League

The Summer 2016 season has just got underway and you can start scoring points straight away. You just need to complete at least three points scoring events between now and November.

To become a member of our UK OCR League you can either sign up directly here for just £15 per year (two seasons), or, better still, become a Mudstacle Member here for £33 per year, which also includes annual personal accident insurance, race discounts and a goody bag containing a t-shirt, wrag and sticker sheet.

For details of all points scoring races, see the UK OCR League website here.


  1. I have no chance of the 40+ How about a 60+ I would stand a reasonable chance at 66

    Didn’t first Ocr last November (Nuclear Races Fallout!)


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