Heat Acclimation Session At Kingston Uni – Pete’s Road To MDS



Although I'm working hard on my running in readiness for next year's Marathon Des Sables, this recent hot spell is a stark reminder of the other challenges I will face whilst running six marathons in six days in the Sahara Desert.  It is very common to make use of heat acclimation chambers for a month of so before races of this type, where you basically run on a treadmill inside a room in 40 degree heat for an hour. I thought I'd give the centre at Kingston University a go, which many of the British MDS stars have used in preparation, including Elisabet Barnes and Danny Kendall.

July is way too early to get any real benefit, ideally I need to be stringing a few sessions together in February, March and April, but there's no harm in seeing what's in store...


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