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Dirty Dozen Races are always excitingly competitive and their latest foray into Wales did not break the mould. It's also particularly exciting for us when there's such a high number of league participants competing in the same race.

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We've also added to the table the points from Rat Race's Man Vs Lakes where BMF Race Team's David Hellard stormed to victory scoring the maximum 135 points. High scores were also chalked up by Pete Rees with 118, Adam Jacobs with 103 and a really strong result from Kirsty Aplin with 92 points, which is her first score this season but gives her a great start in the ladies table.

The podium at Dirty Dozen was dominated by yellow, as the newly formed Mudstacle Machines took first, second and third places, but none of them have scored three events yet so they've not yet broken into the top 10. Pro-Fit's James Burton has held onto pole position for another week with a strong 6th place at Usk. Dasos Gonnella came 9th and Keiron Booker came 7th which has pushed them into 2nd and 3rd respectively in the tables.

The Team League is looking a lot more exciting with the community Team Mudstacle having a whopping 129 extra points added on to their scoring total after strong performances by Jaime Hall and Lee Fuller at DD and boss man Pete Rees and Adam Jacobs at Man vs Lakes. You'd now have to score over 92 points to make it into Mudstacle's top 12 scores. Pro-Fit have now become the second team to reach the 12 score maximum and they're only 67 points behind Mudstacle - a couple more strong scores could see them overtake the yellow army. Team JD and Team Kitbrix both just need one more scoring event to hit their maximum, so there's a good chance that the team leagues will be showing a close fight after Survival of the Fittest in two weeks.

Still, we know that the season won't be anywhere near decided until the Mudstacle Machines and BMF Race Team hit their 12 scores and they're still on 6 and 5 respectively but showing huge average scores.

In the Ladies table we've had our first girls score their third race, so Heather Ratcliffe from Team Runflex has taken the lead in the U40s table with Laura Roberts not far behind. Its looking really close amongst the top ladies with two event score, with Josie Nye, Jo Shelmerdine, Gemma Hebdon, Helen Trollope and Faye Showell all within 5 points of each other. The ladies U40s will be a really interesting table to watch this season.

The Men's Masters table is also starting to take shape with Shaun Wilde flying into the league on a very strong 340 points. Jason Wright from RPCC and Simon Goss from Muddy Race have also broken into the top 3 with strong results at Dirty Dozen that saw them both pick up bonus points.

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