We are now stocking two types of bags that are perfect for getting your soaking wet and muddy gear home without leaving nasty stains on your car seats!

Firstly we have the very clever Northcore Changing Mats. These genius inventions open out into a 1m diameter waterproof changing mat - you then just pull the draw strings up and the mat collects your wet kit up into a waterproof duffel bag without you having to touch it again (after all - your hands will be dry by this point!)

Plus we've also now got the amazingly versatile (and also waterproof) Kitbrix bags. These beauties zip together to create impressive networks of bags which are perfect for separating your kit and not contaminating your post race food with your muddy trail shoes. Buy your Kitbrix from us and you'll get a Mudstacle icon to go in the end for free! Available in camo or grey with yellow trim.

Visit the Mudstacle shop here.

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