NEW Beer Mile World Record & Classic ’16 Highlights – Mudstacle TV Enters The Chug Zone


It's not every day you witness a new world record, and certainly not one as important as the fastest ever beer mile! This weekend the second annual Beer Mile World Classic came to London, England, and Mudstacle TV was there to captured an amazing day of japes and athletic endeavours. Check out the video, it was nothing short of epic...

Now he's sobered up, Scott has also put his thoughts down on paper. Here's his review of the day...

Beer Mile World Classic 2016

Running is great isn't it?

Beer is also great. Some might say beer is even greater than running!

In fact Jack Nicholson once said, “Beer, it’s the best damn drink in the world.”

So imagine putting the two together. Like strawberries and cream, they work amazingly together but if you go too hard at them you may end up in the chunder zone.

Not only did we take part in the Beer Mile World Classic this weekend, but we also watched the best beer runners in the world going head to head and even witnessed a new world record!

The standard Beer mile format is fairly simple, run a one mile and chug four 330 ml beer with a minimum alcohol volume of 5%. It goes something like this...

  • chug a beer, run 400 m, burp,
  • chug a beer, run 400 m, burp,
  • chug a beer, run 400 m, hold back the sick,
  • chug a beer, run 400 m, swallow the sick and sprint to the finish line.

The inaugural Beer Mile World Classic was held in 2015 and great to see it visit the UK so early in the event's history. There were representatives from the USA, Sweden, Canada, Scotland, England and Mudstacle, as well as some other running clubs. The elite waves were filled with serious runners, most either 400 meter, 800 meter or 1,500 meter specialist, such as the 2012 Olympic semi-finalist Ross Murray and Dale Clutterbuck, who paced Mo Farah to the two mile world record, as well as the  Bad Boy Running Podcast' David Hellard.

The most banterous section of the day was the open waves, where everyone and anyone could, and did, have a go at setting a Beer Mile time, highlight of this was the Mudstacle battle in Wave 2 between Pete and myself - I won, but only because my running performance was able to make up for my lack of downing ability. Other highlights in the open waves were the numerous chunders, from a mere cup full to at least a few bottles, the track had definitely inherited some slip hazards.

The Elite Male and Female races were the showcase events. Most, if not all, of these men and women were track specialists and there were track shoes everywhere, perhaps it gives you an advantageous, or maybe it is just safer with the chunder obstacles.

On the world record front, not only did we have the Canadian responsible for the current world record of 4 minutes and 47 seconds, Lewis Kent, but we also had the unofficial world record holder Corey Bellemore who set a time of 4 minutes and 38 seconds days before flying to the UK. Corey ended up smashing his own unofficial time and came first with a time of 4 minutes and 33 seconds!

Carnage ensued at around 18:30 when, after the Elite waves, the relay event kicked off, this was a pretty ad hoc affair and saw Elites mix with Open racers. Teams of four took on one beer and 400m for glory each, with the fastest time being around the 4 minute and 6 second mark. A great moment, one that will stick with Pete for sure, was at the start of the relay race where Pete was lined up next to Corey, this must have been the highlight of Pete's colourful career to date?!

I cannot recommend this event enough and I'm gutted for those that live in London but missed out, especially Ross MacDonald who could have finally redeemed himself following his beer mile performance at OCR World Champs back in 2015.

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