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Listeners to the Bad Boy Running Podcast will already be intimately familiar with David Hellard's Camel-Tow.

For the rest of you that are yet to have the pleasure, Camel-Tows are bungee cords specifically designed for one person to pull another along whilst running, thus evening out the speeds of the two runners.

David Hellard from the BMF Race Team developed them whilst competing in Adventure Racing because in Adventure Racing you need your team to be made up of people with a wide range of different skillsets and strengths. Hence you'd always get at least one team-member who wasn't as strong as running as the others but would be essential in many other tasks. David and his team-mates tried various different readily available bungees but always found them to be either too heavy, not strong enough, or not easy enough to simply and quickly attach and reattach, so the Camel-Tow was born.

The Camel-Tow is made from an extremely strong but very lightweight bungee with 2x aluminium karabiners on each end for simple attachment purposes. Simply clip the ends onto the hydration packs of the two runners and away you go. This simple little trick can make a massive difference in the overall average running speed of the team.

Camel-Tows aren't limited to adventure racing either, they're also hugely useful for team obstacle races and all other endurance events where all participants must operate as a team (including events such as The Unknown or Spartan Agoge). They're also a great tool for training, i.e. use them to pull your partner up a steep hill to get that extra burn in the legs!

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Here's a video which explains them a bit better



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