Rise of the Sufferfest

Rise Of The Sufferfest has been a long time coming! This is a very exciting day for anyone who shares our love of OCR, because you can now sit down and watch a feature length obstacle racing spectacular in full technicolor glory. And Mudstacle have been lucky enough to have a sneak peek...

Over the last three years we've watched Director Scott Keneally piecing together this labour of love with an unrivalled passion. Many themes are covered in the movie, including the reasons why we might want to put ourselves through what we do. It also tells Scott's story which, in a way, makes this a movie and "making of" all in one big hit.

Within the first few months of inception, the production appeared to focus very heavily on Tough Guy but, as the market has evolved over the last few years, so to it seems has the story of the film, with very hefty inclusions from the likes of Tough Mudder and Spartan as well as some local brands. In fact, the highlight of the film for me was a brilliantly funny reaction from Spartan's Joe De Sena about the types of sports that are currently included in the Olympics. However, the movie does return to Tough Guy on a few too many occasions, without really adding much more to the story beyond the initial couple of visits. Of course, it's not that Tough Guy is unworthy of focus, more that it gets a little repetitive - and there are so many other events that could be explored.

Amongst the ongoing themes, we learn about some of the characters and figureheads in global OCR.  As well as event directors, the film focuses on the likes of Hunter Mcintyre, Amelia Boone and the UK's James Appleton. Also Mudstaclites should keep their eyes peeled because we star fairly heavily in the movie. A fair amount of Pete's camerawork has been used, so there are a lot of yellow shirts to spot!

This is a visual spectacular, with a great soundtrack and a lot of interesting themes that any passionate obstacle racer simply must devote an hour and a half to. It's yours on iTunes today for only $14.99. Enjoy!

Get Rise Of The Sufferfest On iTunes here.

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