As we move into our SEVENTH season (fourth year) of the Mudstacle League we've made a decision to redraw the date boundaries between the two seasons slightly, so as to more evenly distribute the races. It also reflects the current trend of having more Summer races and fewer Winter races. Now, instead of having a Winter season from December-May and a Summer season from May-November, it will now be:

  • Spring season - 1st January - 31st July
  • Autumn season - 1st August - 31st December

This means that the finale of the Spring season next year will fall on the exciting weekend of the 22nd/23rd July. Making Survival of the Fittest London and Spartan Beast Edinburgh the final show downs!

The other change we're introducing next season is that we're changing the points scoring options at the Nuts Challenge. There will still be plenty of bonus points available for completing four laps, but we've dropped the two lap option from the league to instead run a high points scoring one lap sprint. This will be a coveted 140 point race and we really hope that will encourage many serious racers to come and battle it out over the 7km course.

The full list of Spring 2017 races can be found here.


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