After a long and exciting season, we are delighted to be able to congratulate Tristan Steed and Dominique Searle as the Summer 2016 Mudstacle League Champions.

Tristan is only the third person in 6 seasons to score the maximum of 420 points, which puts him straight into the hall of fame alongside Jon Albon in Winter 2014 and Conor Hancock in Summer 2015. Tristan is the fifth male athlete to win the league and it's very deserved for him to take his place alongside Jon, Conor, James Appleton and Ross Brackley.

Dominique is the third lady to win the Mudstacle League and has just broken Freya Martin's streak of winning the last 4 on the trot. Clare Miller is the other female winner who took the first league title back in Winter 2014. Not just that, but Dominique's score is the third highest score we've ever had in the ladies league. The biggest accolade I think though, is that Dominique is the first 'masters' athlete to win the overall title. An amazing accomplishment, well done Dom!

View the full final league tables here

Here are the final top three in each category:

Male Under 40s
  1. Tristan Steed
  2. Ross Brackley
  3. David Hellard
Female Under 40s
  1. Freya Martin
  2. Andrea Berquez
  3. Jo Shelmerdine
Male Masters
  1. Jason Burgess
  2. Dave Rogers
  3. Shaun Wilde
Female Masters
  1. Dominique Searle
  2. Laura Heywood
  3. Toni Cupit
  1. Mudstacle Machines
  2. Mudstacle Team
  3. Pro-Fit

Well done to everybody who took part this year, there are trophies for the top three in each category that will be handed out at the Mudstacle Awards.

Don't forget that its not all about the top three though. We are also giving tiered medals (gold, silver and bronze) to the top performers in each category. Here is the table for where you have to come to win a medal:

Bronze Silver Gold
Men U40 Top 120 Top 80 Top 40
Ladies U40 Top 45 Top 30 Top 15
Men 40+ Top 45 Top 30 Top 15
Ladies 40+ Top 15 Top 10 Top 5

Thats it for this season then folks, the next season will kick off in January at Brooks Hellrunner. A full list of the Spring 2017 league races is here


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