Sure, 2016 has had its heartaches and disappointments, but let's focus on the good stuff for a moment.

Our community has been a fun thing to be a part of, so we thought we'd celebrate at Mudstacle HQ by picking out our favourite videos of the year. Grab a cuppa and enjoy...

Andy's Pick - London To Copenhagen In One Day

I love a video that tells a story, and this is a beautiful story of four of my favourite people having an epic adventure in a day. On a technical note this has some beautiful shots and just a lovely arty concept.

Ami's Pick - OCR World Champs Main Day Highlights

This epitomises what we have worked towards as a team: full, even coverage, beautiful shots and equal weighting to both races. We worked so hard to be all over that mountain and to anticipate what would work and what would prove difficult - the runners with the cameras not only managed to keep up with the best in the world, but they got stunning shots, and those on the ground captured the atmosphere perfectly. These videos set the bar for what we're capable of.

Phil's Pick - Journeyman Rhapsody

I chose this video because it has great memories of one of the best weekends of the year over in Canada. Mudstacle is all about not taking ourselves too seriously and this is a great example of that.

Littlewood's Pick - The Unknown Documentary

As a participant in the 2015 event, I was unable to document my experiences and relay them adequately to those at home. Through this video I could show what it was truly like to participate in the Unknown and capture the atmosphere, with the understanding of just how gruelling it was.

Nash's Pick - Windsor Spartan Beast

it's a bit vain as it's mostly me in the vid but I really like this vid for some of the shots I took using the selfie stick, I love the running through the woods shot of Fran and the spinning shot in the woods. And I love the song.

Pete's Pick - Tough Mudder London South

I agree with Andy, I love a video that tells a story. For that reason, I can't believe my top pick isn't Andy's experience at Winter Nuts Challenge (we'll call that a very close second). For me though, this video sums up what Mudstacle is all about - Good friends, meeting new friends for the first time and having THE BEST TIME EVER!


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