You have no doubt already noticed that the one lap race at The Nuts Challenge on Saturday 4th March will be a 40 bonus point race in the Spring League (see the full scoring structure here).

The focus of The Nuts Challenge has often been endurance, but at this event we are excited to see how fast you can race over one lap of a fresh course. It will be an entirely different experience and a competition that we’ll be capturing for Mudstacle TV.

The new 9:30 wave

We’ve been working with The Nuts Challenge to add a new 9:30 wave on Saturday morning (before the 10am “Wave 1”). To take part in that wave, and get the best possible time/position, you simply need to do the following:

  • Ensure you are a Mudstacle Member or League-only Member.
  • Book into ANY Saturday one lap wave on
  • Collect your registration pack as normal when you arrive on Saturday.
  • Come to the Mudstacle stand between 8:30 and 9am on Saturday, where we’ll give you an “access token” for the 9:30 wave.

NB: Nobody will be allowed into the 9:30 wave without an access token. Nobody will be allowed an access token unless they’re a Mudstacle or League member and have booked a Saturday wave.

Let’s go smash some Nuts!


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