Battle of Lansdown put on another cracking event at Bath Racecourse last Sunday, here's how the results affected the league tables:

Read the news below or go straight to visit the updated tables here.

The biggest news of the week is that Mudstacle Machine Natasha Mansell (pictured above) took first place by a whopping seven minutes at Battle of Lansdown, which means that she moves to the top of the league - just 1 point ahead of Andrea Berquez. It looks like it's going to be a really exciting season and they'll both have to target the higher points scoring races to edge ahead. Don't forget, the full list of league races and how many points are attached to them can be found on the league website.

Dave Rogers took third place in Bath to move him into second place in the Masters table and Bridget Upton came second which puts her straight into fourth in the ladies Masters.

For the second time this season, Ross Brackley and Jason Brunnock came first and second, which moves them into fifth and eighth respectively in the men's table. They are both still on just two races though, so we can expect them to take the top spots when they get their third event in.

Thanks to MyBibNumber for the cover photo

To view all league tables, visit the UK OCR League Website

Also note that the points allocation tables are slightly differently this season, with all race results going into the same table. This means that you can search by name or team name to see all of that person or team's results in one place, without having to go through multiple tables.

As always, if you're missing any points or would like to add a team name, just drop us an email on

To sign up for the league, you can do so by either becoming a Mudstacle Member (for £33 per year including a ton of great benefits) or a League only member (for £15 per year).


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