Nuclear Races have today announced the launch of their 'Challenge Cup' which is set to be the most exciting competitive obstacle race in the UK.

The Challenge Cup will be taking place on the 11th November - the same day as Nuclear Fallout. Challenge Cup waves will go out first, 45 minutes before the regular Fallout waves start, ensuring that serious racers have an entirely clear course.

The Development Of Rules

Mudstacle have been in talks with Nuclear to help them hone the competition's rules and structure. The primary aim has been to ensure that this will be the fairest race in the sport. The most significant rules include:

  • All technical obstacles will be strictly limited to one attempt only. Anybody who doesn't complete them will have to run a penalty loop.
  • Each penalty loop will work the same muscle groups as the obstacle that was failed, e.g. using carries, crawls, jumps etc within the loop.
  • Every penalty loop will take 3-4 times as long as successfully completing the obstacle, so there will never be a benefit of somebody not trying or failing intentionally.
  • Fixed position video cameras at all technical obstacles will record all racers in case of dispute.
  • Independent adjudicators from outside the sport will be brought in to ensure of no preferential treatment to any athletes.
  • Every racer must have a name on the back of their top so that they can be easily identified by other racers or adjudicators.
  • Steps will be available where necessary on technical obstacles, where racers may struggle to reach.

We are confident that this system solves the majority of causes for error or dispute and we really hope that, if proved successful, that it spreads worldwide.


The top three men and womenNuclear Challenge Cup overall will be awarded trophies and cash prizes on the day, with a minimum of £1,000 for the fastest man and £1,000 for the fastest woman.

Second and third overall in each gender will win £500 and £250 respectively, plus trophies and free tickets to Nuclear Races the following season. In addition to the overall winners there will be prizes of medal holders and Nuclear Races season passes to the winner of each age group and free Nuclear tickets to the second and third place of each age group.

The age groups are under 20, 20-29, 30-39 and 40+.

Racers across all ages will set off together but genders will start ten minutes apart to help Mudstacle give total coverage of the event. In this format, competitors won't have to choose between going age group or first wave, everybody will sign up together.

More information can be found on the Nuclear website



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