Ultimate Direction Fastpack 20 Review – Great For Multi Day Ultras & Loaded Runs


My focused has not only been training my body over the last year, on my road to MDS, I've also spent a massive amount of time pondering and researching gear. I've spoken to experts and knowledgeable friends and, most importantly, testing things to destruction. Over the next two weeks, leading up to my departure, I'll aim to share some of my learnings with you, starting with my bag of choice: The Ultimate Direction Fastpack 20.

This really is an amazing option for multi day ultras and for anyone who runs with a lot of gear. It's incredibly light, strong and holds way more than other bags in it's class. The only major downside for me was finding a way to attach poles to the front. I have finally come up with a solution though (see fro 7mins onwards in the video). It's a very cheap, very light and very easy solution. All you need are the following two items:

Bungee cord

Spring loaded clip

They should set you back less than a tenner, and you'll have plenty left over to bungee to your heart's content.



  1. what size did you get and whats your height and weight? i usually like my chest straps to be closer than that, so im assuming the larger size will work best for me, but im worried itll be too loose


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