Spartan Super South West was one of the most exciting races we've seen yet this season, with the the podium positions changing places several times in the final couple of miles. If you haven't already watched it, check out our elite wave coverage.

Read the news below or go straight to visit the updated tables here.

The biggest news of this week is that Team Muddy Kit's Tristan Steed (pictured above at Nuclear Rush), picked up his third win in three weeks and jumped straight to the top of the men's league, giving himself and enormous twenty point lead over second place. Tristan is looking so strong at the moment he has barely looked like he's made any effort to win any of these races, a face we got familiar with seeing when Jon Albon used to race in the UK and never had anybody else anywhere near him.

The Spartan Super saw for the first time the top four ladies in the league all race against each other simultaneously. Andrea Berquez had a huge lead of over five minutes but had to do 90 burpees in the home straight which allowed Laura Heywood to take advantage of her strength to clinch the win on the penultimate obstacle. Laura now jumps from fourth to second in the ladies table and increases her lead at the top of the ladies masters table.

Dave Rogers came from seventh at the halfway point to finishing third on Saturday which gives him an even bigger lead at the top of the Mens Masters table and Tony Brownlee hit an impressive top 2% finish which takes him into third place master - only 0.05 of a point behind James Clancy.

Keep your eyes peeled because we will be announcing the Autumn league races in the next couple of days.

To view all league tables, visit the UK OCR League Website

Also note that the points allocation tables are slightly differently this season, with all race results going into the same table. This means that you can search by name or team name to see all of that person or team's results in one place, without having to go through multiple tables.

As always, if you're missing any points or would like to add a team name, just drop us an email on

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